New Releases – 21st October 2016

New music is happening. Today! Here’s my selection of the highlights… mostly metal but with some other HMO-approved stuff thrown in for good measure too.

The leopard enjoyed one last walk before being made into an outrageous pair of trousers.

Hanoi Rocks – Strange Boys Box

Five classic Hanoi Rocks albums lovingly reckapaged and reboxed in a CD (or vinyl) set. Not sure whether these are remastered or not and there aren’t any bonus tracks, which would have been nice. Still, looks like a cheap way of getting a batch of the Finns’ albums for a decent price. I’ve got all these albums on vinyl but I would like CD editions so I’m pretty into this. It’s got all the albums from Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes… through to Back to Mystery City and the live album All Those Wasted Years. It’s missing Two Steps From the Move but Rock Candy did a great 2CD set of that recently anyway (with actual bonus tracks!) But basically, anyone that doesn’t have these albums must get involved and get involved NOW.

Hold up! I think I’ve left the oven on.

Khemmis – Hunted

This US doom outfit made a big splash last year with their debut album Absolution. I thought it had real promise (and outrageously good artwork) but I was put off by their inappropriate penchant for shouty “core” vocals. Here they are again with album number two, another awesome album cover and another heap of critical praise. Reckon I’ll give this a listen and just hope they’ve cut out all the drill sergeant stuff.

Now I’m going to jam my thumb up his arse and that’ll REALLY piss him off!

Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill (20th Anniversary Edition)

20 years, eh? Feel old yet? The Pantera anniversary editions keep coming. This album doesn’t enjoy quite the same reverence as the previous three but it should. A great album with classic tracks like Floods and Drag the Waters and there’s a darker, sludgier edge to this album that I love. Bonus disc comes with a mix of mixes, new mixes, early mixes and Mixy McMixface. Oh, and there’s a couple of live tracks too.

Regular Bob Ross viewers saw it as a cry for help.

Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom EP

For all it’s obsessed with kicking the bucket, death metal has been enjoying rude health in recent years. And these Greeks have been a big part of that with 2014’s excellent Promulgation of the Fall. Their latest release Sombre Doom is out on the band’s own Martyrdoom Productions and, to be honest, I don’t really know much about it or have much to say about it other than “yes please”. It’s certainly not been getting the coverage it deserves. Possibly because EPs aren’t as sexy as albums but then you can’t beat a good death metal EP! Just ask Autopsy.

Stranded in reality. Saddled with debt.
Stranded in reality. Saddled with debt.

Ian Hunter – Stranded in Reality

I read that Ian Hunter’s new box set is not a music industry creation: it was created by fans. That means his fans created a 28CD/2DVD box set that will include about 19 CDs of studio albums and live albums that they probably already own. Because they’re fans. That leaves them 9 CDs and 2 DVDs that they don’t already own, and a nice book. This will cost them £250. Daft buggers! Come back music industry, all is forgiven!

Sulu. Open hailing frequ… fuck it. Fire proton torpedoes!

Mithras – On Strange Loops

Another notable death metal release, from England this time. I’m totally unfamiliar with this band (maybe because this is their first new album in 10 years) but there’s quite a buzz about On Strange Loops so I’ll definitely be checking it out. I say “death metal” but, supposedly, this is genre-defying stuff. Like Morbid Angel in space or something. And I noticed there’s a nice download bundle of their albums (including this one) available on their bandcamp page too.

Yog-Sothoth’s hot temper and unwieldy claws ruined yet another matchstick Church model

Demoncy – Faustian Dawn

Demoncy were one of the original US black metal acts in the early-to-mid nineties, along with the likes of Von. Here’s a reissue of their first album from the label Nuclear War Now! Productions. By all accounts, this album hasn’t been served very well by previous editions so this new one will offer the best sound to date. Remixed and remastered by Ixithra himself. Surely not!

Elsewhere, Gillan’s stellar output from Mr. Universe through to Magic gets a loving vinyl box release in The Vinyl Collection 1979-1982. I’m happy with my CD copies but if you’re a vinyl buff and are new to the band, this is a brilliant run of albums. The great man in peak form with musicians to match. Continuing a good week for death metal fans, there’s also Obituary’s Ten Thousand Ways to Die. Seems like one of those titles that must have been done before: if not by a death metal band then surely by Steven Seagal? This EP has a couple of new tunes and a big batch of live tracks too so plenty for fans to enjoy here. There’s also a big release from Korn today with The Serenity of Suffering and retro glammers can enjoy Kix’s Can’t Stop the Show: The Return of Kix on CD/DVD too. I’ll avoid that because cause I’m worried Body Talk is on it. Last time I heard that tune, it took weeks to get it out my head. Maybe months. “She talks body talk, music I can see. She talks body talk… body talk” Aarrghhh it’s happening again!

And that’s the lot this week. A good, and possibly extremely expensive, day for lovers of box sets and/or death metal. Let me know if I’ve missed anything incredibly awesome and, until next Friday… happy hunting!

51 thoughts on “New Releases – 21st October 2016”

      1. I think he’s doing a gig in Buckley on the grounds that Joe Elliott is unlikely to find him there and insist on a bunch of crowd-pleasing Mott duets.

        Apparently Hunter’s brother is coming as he lives fairly locally.

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  1. Whoah!? Hanoi did a double bubble of Two Steps? What’s on the second disc? Kix man…hahaha…I will say Blow My Fuse is a great track but there more miss than hit for me….certain stuff is good but I dunno….that Hanoi set looks cool but man they should have went some bonus stuff as u say…..still really dig that live album All Those Wated Years…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I got one of those Original Album sets of Kit cheap but I’m not that up on them. Just Body Talk. That song haunts me.

      Two Steps had a whole bunch of B Sides and a four song radio session! Good bonus disc! They should at least have just added a rarities disc in this box set (like The Faces did with theirs). It’s a bit stingy.


      1. Yes they were. Here’s the deets Dekes!



        8. I CAN’T GET IT


    1. Noted! I always put them at medium size but I’ll bump them up a bit bigger next time (unless it’s Hanoi Rocks) I’m a bit annoyed at the Hunter sets (and sets of that ilk) I want those tracks but asking £250 is just pricing out fans as far as I’m concerned.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I prefer Mott too. I like his solo stuff but don’t have loads. Maybe 8 or 9 albums and some live stuff. I think they’re a lots of good tracks throughout and I love his live albums but there’s maybe only a couple of studio albums that I feel are totally essential. The first and You’re Never Alone… stand out.

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  2. I don’t own any Hanoi, so apparently I need to act now?

    That Pantera is 20? Holy crap. Haha Mixy McMixface! I love it! They’re trying to name the new amalgamated school in our town, and I said Schooly McSchoolface. I don’t think my wife submitted that one, though. Shame, that.

    The rest of these I will trust your judgement (having never heard of them). Well, Ian Hunter I know because you’ve talked about him before. But still.

    Also: Bob Ross hahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I’m just going add some evil little trees…”

      You should act now! Everyone could use some of this stuff. Was pretty surprised Pantera was 20yo too. Just picked up a copy, was only £10 which was pretty good for a deluxe. Ian Hunter’s in the doghouse now until he releases that stuff on its own.


      1. Hahaha I am picturing that benign smile on his face…

        I’ll be in Taranna tomorrow with Mike, so maybe we’ll see some Hanoi goodness? Who knows.

        That is a good price for the Pantera. I remember the Far Beyond Driven remaster was $15 CDN here.

        Who lets fans choose everything for a 28 DISC BOXED SET?? Haha seriously WTF.

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  3. Oh. I like the look of that Khemmis album. Sounds like it could be good too. Well, aside from the vocals.

    I only have the Mega Face Punch Pantera album and a compilation. Think racist Phil has put me off checking out anything else…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean… I don’t get too hung up on the “real” artists. If I did I’d have to turf most of my collection. As would most of us probably! It has put me off following his career any further though. I’ve only ever really bothered with his work in Pantera anyway so no big loss!


  4. “This album doesn’t enjoy quite the same reverence as the previous three but it should.”

    You’re right about — usually when asked the question “What’s your favourite Pantera album?” people will always respond with the first or the second.

    However, The Great Southern… is actually my favourite record of theirs. Apart from the music, I love the fact that Phil grew a beard and long for this album/tour cycle. I’ll see if I can pick up the record from HMV along with the special LP they released, The Great Southern Outtakes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think this and Far Beyond Driven are my favourites of theirs. Still love Cowboys and Vulgar Display too though. I got a copy of this now. Been listening to the album but haven’t listened to any of the bonus disc yet. It was only £10 in HMV for the 2CD which wasn’t too bad!


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