New Releases – 4th November 2016

It’s Christmas! Well not really, but you’d think it was for all the Christmas albums clogging up the new release schedule today. But I’m going to assume that you’re not feeling overly festive yet, so let’s take a gawp at today’s rock and metal highlights instead. Less Santa, more Satan.

Haw. Listen to me. I’m not over-compensating for ANYTHING!

Vader – The Empire

We had Testament last week and, once more, today’s big metal release is a thrasher. Albeit a growly deathy one. Vader are a Polish institution but I’m honestly not overly familiar with their career. This album was preceded by an EP Iron Times earlier in 2016 and I thought that was good fun with great riffs so I’ll definitely be looking into this. And I noticed there’s a 2CD version of The Empire on the band’s website with the Iron Times disc as a bonus. So that’s a cheap way to get both if you haven’t picked the EP up already.

It’s life Jim…

Dark Tranquility – Atoma

Another long-running band that I’ve never got into. I have sampled their stuff but I’ve just never heard anything of theirs that floated my boat. A listen to their new track Forward Momentum didn’t change my mind either. Obviously, if you love this band and the Swedish melodeath thing then just ignore grumpy old me. There’s a deluxe edition of this with an extra disc and extra songs so go for that one and get yer money’s worth.

I’ve been going postively Ga-Ga trying to think of a caption for this. Stumped. Any ideas?

Queen – Queen on Air: The Complete BBC Sessions

Very welcome set of Queen’s Beeb performances. Lots of the good, good early stuff in here which makes this as metal as any other album out this week. Fucking Ogre Battle! There’s a 2CD set and a 3LP set but if you’re a complete saddo there’s also a 6CD set which has another disc of live tracks (including HMO favourite Father to Son) and three CDs of archival interviews. THREE WHOLE CDs! That’s a bit much really but… I’m a complete saddo. I pre-ordered this ages ago.

Ouch! This is sharp... I could hurt someone with this!
Ouch! This is sharp… I could hurt someone with this!

Cirith Ungol – Paradise Lost

An exciting day for Cirith Ungol devotees. The trad metallers’ long-lost fourth album is back: the masters have been found and given a spit and polish by good old Metal Blade. The album has a reputation as being a bit ropey, but we are assured that it deserves a reappraisal. Well, if you fancy giving this some reappraisal…ing then now is the time. Got to be worth having for that Elric cover alone, surely?

Punch the one in the middle Rock!
Just hit the one in the middle, Rock!

Glenn Hughes – Resonate

I used to be all about Glenn Hughes’ solo work but I started to drift away around the time where he started doing Black Country Communion and never really got back on board after that. But now he’s solo again I’m a wee bit curious to hear what he’s up to. I’ve probably got enough Hughes albums to scratch this particular itch but new track Too Long Gone was pretty decent so I’ll give this a few listens on Spotify and see if it… uhh… resonates.

Fucking magic scales? I asked for one of them gun chairs!!

HammerFall – Built to Last

Unlike their beloved cheese, HammerFall are built to last: ten albums and nearly twenty years under their leather belts. Given that I lean firmly Manowar-d I should probably like HammerFall but it’s all a bit too by-the-numbers for my liking.

Elsewhere, we have the return of poor Bon Jovi with This House is Not for Sale. The band still rudderless without their spiritual leader, Alec John Such. I managed to kick my problematic Jovi addiction a few albums back and I doubt this new album will change that. Bring back Alec! And there’s even more classic rawk from the Graham Bonnet Band with The Book and Motley Crue, who are giving themselves a grand send off with the live DVD/CD The End. Bye bye. And to round things off, the Nuclear War Now! label release Evil Shall Prevail, a plush collection of Black Witchery’s brutal black metal demos and early releases. The press release promises that listeners will find themselves “completely surrounded by the molten sea of the apocalypse.” Ah, so I did manage to fit in something Christmassy after all! I’m off for a Gingerbread muffin then. See you next week.

31 thoughts on “New Releases – 4th November 2016”

  1. Rumour is Black Country Communion are reuniting.
    As for Bon Jovi and Motley Crue, I jumped ship a long time ago. After hearing tales of Vince’s crap voice and missing lyrics I would not shell out money for this. Also, is Bon Jovi even still classified as rock?
    Graham Bonnet, Glenn Hughes and Queen sound tempting.
    Also, some metal to listen to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I passed on Crue a good while ago for much the same reasons. Was never really a huge fan to begin with. Hung on to Jovi for a bit longer than I probably should have. Not really sure what the consensus classification for Jovi is now but I’d say they were rock.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bon Jovi Gah! Sleazy Vince Sixx Crue Gah! Dunno pretty weak week of releases from the Class of the 80s!
    Can’t believe Ungol is still going..i believe they were around when i was in high school and were talking 30 years ago!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually Queen is interesting! My twin daughters are currently practising We Will Rock You which they will do live next May. Right now they are practicing 4 days a week after school. It’s cool as this week they were working on Radio GaGa. High school Production they have a band of kids that are playing the music of Queen Live…There like i said doing it live for i think 5 nights…think i’m going all 5 nights! hahaha

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Hey! Where’s the metal Christmas albums?

    I’m not so taken by the artwork for this batch of releases… some sound way too heavy for me, too. Jeezo.

    Bon Jovi, though. Good God. The only band worse than Nickelback.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just say no to metal Christmas albums!
      I thought this was a bit of a light week actually? Definitely not a great bunch of covers. Was hard to do captions for this lot.
      I’ve got way more Jovi albums than Nickelback so I can’t really agree with that!


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