New Releases – 11th November 2016

It’s a good day for black metal fans. A cacophonous shitstorm of evil for everyone else. Read on if you dare.

Tetris. More fun when you’re on drugs.

Enslaved – The Sleeping Gods/Thorn

This might be an “old rope” release but it’s an interesting one from an ever-reliable band. Enslaved’s two EPs The Sleeping Gods and Thorn, both from 2011, packaged together here as part of the band’s ongoing 25th Anniversary festivities. Both were rare as physical releases so collectors will enjoy this chance to own both on CD or vinyl.

The best defence against the “surprise attack?” The “WTF? attack” – pictured here.

Deathspell Omega – The Synarchy of Molten Bones

The mysterious and revered avant-garde black metallers return with a new EP, their first release in four years. It’s definitely one of the most anticipated and talked-about releases of the last few weeks. It’s been streaming for a while so you’ve probably heard it by now if you’re a fan. I feel like I should like this but it’s not doing much for me.

You summoned me foolish mortal!? Oh, you didn’t? Sorry, my mistake. Catch you later.

Ravencult – Force of Profanation

I had a listen to some tracks from this already. I was tempted to write it off as unremarkable: heard it before. But the power of the riff is pretty compelling here. Some really nifty writing that keeps your attention. So I’ve got a right notion this could be a keeper. Given more listens, this might be one of this year’s sleeper hits.

Bob Ross’ “Blue” period. Still wowing art lovers to this day.

Saor – Guardians

I’d always say that GWAR’s Horror of Yig is still the ultimate instance of bagpipes in metal. But here comes Andy Marshall’s Saor with their third album of folky, atmospheric black metal. It’s scenic stuff, layered with all sorts of pipes, fiddles, bodhráns and the like. Like a diablolical tourist centre. Fans of Panopticon, Winterfylleth and Agalloch should check this out.

"Hit the one in the middle Rock!" - let's see if I can use that caption every week!
“Just hit the one in the middle, Rock!” – let’s see if I can use that caption every week!

Black Sabbath – Paranoid (Super Deluxe Edition)

The must-have metal classic with added quad mix (bumped down to a stereo CD for surround-sound luddites) and live discs and book and all that stuff. Looks like a nice set and not as stupidly expensive as these things tend to be. Wish they just released the live stuff on its own rather than tacking it on to an album everyone has already.

Elsewhere we have In Flames’ new album Battles. I was never a fan but the hype is that this is their best for a while so, enjoy! At just under £400 Pink Floyd’s The Early Years 1965-1972 is surely the impulse buy of the week. And there’s a more affordable two disc CRE/ATION version for people that don’t mind feeling like they’re missing out. CanCon regulations force me to mention Rik Emmett and RESolution9’s RES9. Beauty, eh? And to round things off Phil Anslemo is back with Superjoint and Caught Up in the Gears of Application.

Some good stuff. I’ve already got my copy of Enslaved. And I’ll spend more time with the Ravencult and Saor and see if they stick.

So that’s it for another week, join me next Friday for Metallica and a bunch of other bands daft/brave enough to release an album on the same day as Metallica. Until then, happy hunting!

28 thoughts on “New Releases – 11th November 2016”

  1. HAHAHA….CanCon regualtions! Good to see Rik powering it up with the electric geetar! Rik even squeezed in with all the Black Metal going on in this neighbourhood!
    Agree with the Sabbath comment….like why? Stroke people out for more dough when we all have Paranoid and in Mike’s case about 15 versions of it as well…..

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  2. So pissed off about Sabbath. Why do they do this. Why didn’t they just release it properly when they did the 3 disc deluxe? Now I have to buy it again, but it doesn’t replace the deluxe which came with the Quad in actual Quad on a DVD!!!

    16th copy indeed!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. There was a great scene in the US Office where Steve Carrell’s character photoshopped himself (over top of his girlfriend’s ex-husband) in his Christmas card.
    Another character remarked, “that’s a bold move – is bold the right word?!”
    That immediately came to mind with your releasing alongside Metallica line HMO – is brave the right word?!

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  4. Another cool post about a lot of stuff I didn’t know existed. Haha Can Con. Also you’re right, Metallica should have their own day for releases, just to be fair to everyone else.

    I love the captions here best, once again. Man, you’re nailing it with those. Bob Ross hahahahahaaaaaaaa

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Funny, I had that ‘greedy bastards’ Floyd response this weekend too, as I forked out buck aplenty for the 2016 vinyl remaster of ‘Obscured by Clouds’. It’s 44 years old and you’re all multi-squillionaires for fuck’s sake! Still, had to have it for tomorrow’s review. Sigh.

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