New Releases – 18th November 2016

I thought this week would be a bit light on new releases with everyone trying to stay clear of Metallica’s mutant-boogie (?) juggernaut. But I hadn’t really taken the time of year into account… there’s shitloads of stuff coming out today! And from some big bands too. So, take that Metallica! Anyway, there’s tons to get through today so enough of my yakkin’! Let’s mutant-boogie!

"Hit the one in the middle, Rock!" - it's the caption that keeps on giving!
“Hit the one in the middle, Rock!” – it’s the caption that keeps on giving!

Metallica – Hardwired…To Self-Destruct

Did I mention Metallica have an album out today? I dare say you know about this already, you’ve listened to some (or all) of it and you’ve made up your mind whether you’re going to buy this or not. Based on the tracks I’ve heard, I’m not overly fussed. Some good moments but not totally convincing. I’ll check more tracks out online before making any decisions. If you’re going to buy this, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t go for a version with the bonus disc: plenty of covers, live tracks and Lords of Summer too.

Even with the supermoon this close, they still couldn’t get a decent picture of it.

Lamb of God – The Duke EP

Randy Blythe and co. return with new EP featuring two new tracks and three live ditties. The EP is dedicated to a big fan of theirs that died of cancer and I believe there’s going to be bunch of special items being sold (check their website for info) to raise money for charity. Never been a fan of the band but this is all pretty cool. Kudos.

Amazingly, considering their age, Geddy and Alex still preferred to deal with stage invaders themselves
Amazingly, considering their age, Geddy and Alex still preferred to deal with stage invaders themselves

Rush – Time Stand Still

Doesn’t seem that long since the last Rush doc Beyond the Lighted Stage and now here’s another. This one does have the added emotional impact of covering the band’s (presumably) final days but I dunno if I really feel the need for this, I’ll probably just wait and see if it shows up on Netflix. Decent extras might maybe provoke a purchase though.

It was easily the most exciting episode of Countdown since "wankers"
It was easily the most exciting episode of Countdown since “wankers”

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Memories in Rock: Live in Germany

The world’s greatest guitarist put down his crumhorn and returned to heavy rock duties earlier this year, performing a batch of live shows under the Rainbow banner. And here’s the inevitable live release documenting one of the shows. Loads of options here: DVD, Blu Ray, Vinyl, CD or combos of those. Not been all that impressed by what I’ve seen so far but I love Blackmore enough that I might buy this by accident.

Sammy Hagar’s post VH work gets compiled in This is Sammy Hagar Volume 1 – When the Party Started. His stuff with The Waboritas was often magnificent but I’ve got those albums already so I can do without this. His live album All Night Long also gets a reissue today from Rock Candy, who have now launched in the US. And they are also reissuing Salty Dog’s Every Dog Has Its Day, Nymphs‘ self-titled album and Tyketto’s Don’t Come Easy today too. Rock Candy does good work with well-chosen albums so this launch should prove to be good news for Stateside classic rockers.

Also on the reissue front we’ve got the latest in Jethro Tull’s ongoing reissue program, Stand Up: The Elevated Edition. Their excellent second album as a 2CD/DVD with remixes, 5.1, live tracks etc…HMO-favourites The Who are up to the Super Deluxe shenanigans with their debut album My Generation. Can’t remember what extra stuff was included but it didn’t look all that exciting. And Soundgarden celebrate the 25th anniversary of Badmotorfinger with a variety of reissue editions. Super Deluxe, not so Super Deluxe, Kinda Deluxe, Not Very Deluxe and… uh… vinyl? I’ve not done my research here, sorry.

Elsewhere, Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell carries on rocking with a new band and new EP Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. Scottish sludgy, psych doom troupe Headless Kross kick off a trilogy of albums with the first part, Projections I, available from At War With False Noise. Anyone that likes their death metal primitive and thrashy (think Sodom or Possessed) should check out the self-titled, self-released debut from Dead Conspiracy. Primitive and thrashy death metal is the best kind I reckon. Fans of trad and power metal might want to check out (former Accept guitarist) Herman Frank’s new solo album The Devil Rides Out and Freedom Call’s ridiculously happy Master of Light. Almost tooo happy.

And if I was going to be extra thorough I’d mention the new albums from Disturbed, Devilment and Sixx A.M. but let’s not bother eh?

Tons of stuff out this week after all then! But there isn’t a single release here that I’m in a rush to buy. I’ll listen to the new Metallica and see what happens. And I might panic-buy the Rainbow set.

It’s Black Friday next week so, in addition to painting the devil on the wall, it’ll probably be a bit vinyltastic. Lots of coloured-this,  limited-that and overpriced-the-other. Until then, happy hunting!


50 thoughts on “New Releases – 18th November 2016”

      1. Yes – I think the long list of rock obits have put things into perspective for a lot of artists of that era in terms of thinking it’s now or never. Let’s hope there is some more. I’d also like to see a Blackmore-Coverdale-Hughes Mark 3 reunion – don’t care what they call themselves!

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  1. What a great opening line in regards to Blackmore! Hahaha…..That bass player wearing his pyjama’s i just could not watch for the whole show….Dude wear some proper Rock Slacks!
    Metallica I did buy the deluxe. I like what they did with the bonus stuff.
    Look forward to spinning that….
    Good to Hagar putting out stuff albeit a compilation….
    Sound garden wow man what a set but i may just get that live show that is added to the Beyond Super Deluxe Edition…..

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah just like i did with the Ride The Lightening deluxe. I just payed $12 and got the live portion…
        Soundgarden is interesting but i’ll wait…..I think! haha!
        Meant to add as well as I want tot see the Rush Doc as well but I will wait it out as I will stream it when posted…
        Cool concept that they did and I think Peart is indeed finished Prog Drumming…..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Too much, too close to Xmas!

    I will search for the deluxe Metallica today. Hopefully I can get it at the mall.

    Tull…I have a 3disc version. Now they are selling ago one!?

    Rainbow and Rush are my other immediate musts. Really excited about that Rainbow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll have to listen to Metallica before I decide anything. Can’t really see me buying it.

      I think this Tull has completely different extras too! So you’ll have to buy again haha

      The Rainbow stuff… I’ve just not liked the tracks I’ve watched. Too slow, too cheesy and don’t like the singer’s voice much either. And what Deke said about the PJs!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Actually iTunes has it for a decent price. 18 tracks but from 2 different shows so you get some tunes played twice like Spotlight Kid etc….dunno maybe the audio only is the way to go….
        what JLT show is it? Straight Between The Eyes?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well I would only have to deal with the PJs on blu-ray. I’m more interested in the CDs!

        I’m mainly pumped for it because in my collection, I try to get a representation of every lineup, especially obscure ones. This Rainbow lineup might be considered pretty obscure.

        As for ‘Tallica…I’m almost done disc one and I’m happy so far. I hear a lot of traditional metal influences like Maiden. But for $16, 3 CDs is a total no-brainer for my wallet!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ripping disc 2 now. It’s a lot of music for one sitting! My back is getting sore! LOL

        Yeah big week for me, apparently. I also want Hagar too. Scott, I feel like I am reaching a point in my life when I…I…can’t just buy all the music anymore!

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Sorry Deke! Just got home and pulled out my set (oo-er) and it’s actually from the Bent Out of Shape tour. I didn’t realise cause they use the eyes as the backdrop. The show I’ve got is Japan 1984. 2CDs. Still want it?


      1. Damn, I’ve been rumbled. It’s amusing to see Rock Candy re-releasing all those 1990s LPs that only I ever seemed to buy – the Nymphs were great, Salty Dog far less so.

        I may well buy the Phil Campbell EP.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The Sea Hags LP is amazing, I saw em too. It’s a great LP.

        Nymphs were just cold drug rock and Salty Dog sounded a bit like someone slowly beating a Tom cat to death with a banjo.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You’d think so wouldn’t you? but no, not at all.

        Quote from a genius review of Salty Dog:

        ‘My tipping point came, as I said, during ‘Spoonful’ track 4, in which Mr Bleacher rejects all known Western definitions of melody, harmony and modality and strikes out on his own (nautical metaphor, ahoy!) for unchartered territory. There are all manner of Belgian electronica experimentalists out there slaving away in their techno labs night and day trying to hit these notes on purpose and failing.’

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  3. Metallica have a new album out, eh? Well, well, well… they should really let folks know about such things.

    Not sure how many of these will end up in my collection, but I will be buying the Headless Kross album as soon as I can. So many albums, man…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The Soundgarden set is pretty sweet. I haven’t heard anything from the band pre-Superunknown (that’s bad, right?) but it’s an awesome set and the re-mastering is absolutely wonderful.

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