New Releases – Black Friday 2016

This Friday, 25th November, will be Black Friday and that means special Record Store Day releases! There will be rare albums and singles released, some new and some reissued. There will be limited editions, fancy gatefolds and vinyl that comes in all ranges of exciting colours like “red”, “clear”, “gold”, “green”, “jobby”, “cherry trifle” and “the colour out of space”.

This is all a much bigger deal in the US where Black Friday is more of a “thing”. It hasn’t quite caught on as much over here in the UK so our list of titles is considerably smaller. Boo. However, the RSD high heid yins promise us that many of the US titles will be released in the UK at some point in the future.

There’s still some good stuff coming out in the UK though, so here’s a selection of the stuff I reckon is the most tempting. But make sure and check out the rest of the available titles for yourself. The UK list here and the much bigger US list here.

Alice Cooper – Live from the Astroturf

Automatically the release of the day as it includes the surviving members of the classic original band. A 7″ single with live versions of I’m Eighteen and Is It My Body: that’s two unfuckwithable classics right there. It’s a gatefold with art prints too. If I was buying one Black Friday release today, it would be this one.

Faith No More – Cone of Shame

The fourth single to come off their excellent Sol Invictus album. This is released everywhere on Friday but only seems to be classed as an RSD-exclusive release in the UK. Just in case you get confused and think it’s only a UK release. It isn’t. The B-Side is just a remix of Motherfucker so I can probably live without this.

Alice in Chains – Live Facelift

The six concert tracks from Alice in Chains live video get their first (I think?) audio-only release. It’s definitely the first vinyl release at any rate. You can’t beat a bit of AIC, especially with Layne Staley, so this is fairly tantalizing. Don’t think I’d want it enough to queue up or get in a fight though…

Jethro Tull – Ring Out, Solstice Bells

The Tull’s Christmas EP given a 40th Anniversary reissue. These tracks are probably available elsewhere and almost certainly remixed by Steven Wilson. Cause what isn’t these days? I do like the idea of this one though… a wee Christmassy bit of Tull.

Napalm Death/Melt Banana – Split

Split 7″ with the UK grind legends and the Japanese noisemakers Melt Banana. Not sure about Metal Banana but Napalm are in great form these days and this looks pretty tempting. Cool cover too.

And that’s about it for me. There’s other stuff like the recent Extreme live album on vinyl, more Hendrix archive-raking, a totally pointless Mötley Crüe disc and on and on and on. But let’s not get carried away here. I don’t go mad for RSD stuff and can’t even really see myself buying most of the stuff I’ve selected here. I would like a copy of the Coop single but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it if I miss out either.

If there’s anything you particularly have your sights on please chip in below and… good luck! I’ll back on Friday with a look at the day’s normal releases. And I tell you, there are a couple of “normal” releases out on Friday that blow this lot right out the water. See you then!

30 thoughts on “New Releases – Black Friday 2016”

  1. Cooper: must.

    FNM: must

    Chains: maybe. Need to check if these tracks are on their box set, but I don’t think so.

    Tull: I already own the original single. I’d rather spend my Tull budget on a deluxe edition!


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    1. Cool! Hope you don’t have to pay over the odds. I don’t think the Face lift tracks are on the box set. But worth a check just in case… I’ve not listened to it for ages.

      Hear you on the Tull. I’ve just not been buying the deluxes. Had to draw the line there. Too much other stuff going on! I have seen the original single in shops here though so I might just get that and save some cash!

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  2. Hahaha “RSD high heid yins.” Love it.

    I went through the full list and nothing really screamed at me that I HAD TO get it. I mean, everything you list here would be cool, but not essential for me. There was even a Stones 10″ with one track on it. But it’ll be an album track next month anyway, so…

    Hooray for Friday New Releases post on Wednesday!

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  3. This’ll probably be the first RSD-related event I’ve skipped since 2012. Nothing interesting to me. I have a feeling they’ll only get less and less interesting. I can appreciate that these events are to help out the local brick ‘n mortar, but I’ve gotta dig what they’re selling if I’m gonna buy.

    Hope you can snag some stuff you’re interested in.

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    1. I’ll be skipping it too. I’ve only done two RSD events on the actual day. Most purchases have been later… sifting through the dregs!

      I appreciate it though. As long as it helps stores stay open that’s fine by me. I think the releases are getting increasingly less interesting though and hear more complaints about that from the stores themselves. Maybe the majors have muscled in too much?

      At any rate, I buy tons of releases in brick and mortar shops the rest of the year so I’m content that I do my bit. And I’m sure you do too!

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      1. Exactly. I buy plenty throughout the year. I definitely feel I’m doing my part to keep the doors open at my local shop. Just ask my wife.

        The RSD stuff is losing its luster. Especially when those rare items are still readily available a year afterwards. The majors saw a mark and have muscles in, unfortunately. Good thing there’s still vast amounts of great music I haven’t tapped into yet.

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      2. Just ask your wife? You haven’t got to the stage of keeping your purchases secret from her yet then? Haha only joking.

        It’s definitely losing its luster. And I’ve regretted too many of my past RSD purchases. It makes me hesitant to buy them now.

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  4. I missed the Alice In Chains release… that could be a right winner. I’ve got The Afghan Whigs 20th Anniversary Black Love to look forward to- really excited about that cause there’s some really spiffy bonus goods (and 3-LPs!!!!)… I also saw that the Popeye soundtrack has been vinylised… that’s of interest.

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    1. Vinylised?! Now there’s a good name for the next Def Leppard album!

      I remember you mentioning the Whigs… is that an import one then? That does look like a genuinely good release.

      What’s the appeal with Popeye? Is that a score or is it a comp?


      1. As far as I’m aware the Whigs one isn’t particularly a Black Friday RSD exclusive… just coincidental that it’s released on Black Friday.

        Popeye: I’m a big Nilsson fan, so it appeals to me. That said, it’s not the Nilsson demos, but the actual soundtrack (by the cast). Still, it’d be nice to have the soundtrack if I ever saw it…

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      2. Yeah, Nilsson wrote the whole thing. Produced it, too. His demos have been floating around the internet for a while and really highlight how great the songs are.

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