New Releases – 25th November 2016

It looks like we’re now passing that peak pre-Christmas period of a gazillion releases every week. Because of the Black Friday RSD releases there is still plenty coming out today but, as I’ve already covered those, let’s just take a peek at what’s left. It’s not much and there are only a few releases today that I’m genuinely excited about so let’s just bash through this.

After me everyone! "It's fun to stay at the..."
After me, everyone! “It’s fun to stay at the…”

Primordial – Gods to the Godless (Live at Bang Your Head Festival Germany 2015)

This new live album is a very pleasant surprise and a must-buy. Here’s a band that can pretty much do no wrong and their live performances are devastating. Their Where Greater Men Have Fallen album was one of the best albums of recent years so it’ll be great to have some live recordings of those tracks. I can’t wait to hear this. I’ll probably get all emotional. And it’s just a live album too: just CD or vinyl, no pesky DVDs or Blu Rays. That’s an old-school live album that is! Hope this has credits where they tell you how many guitar strings and tea bags they went through.

Ask him if he knows the way out of this graveyard. He looks friendly enough.

Darkthrone – Wind of 666 Black Hearts

We’re being spoiled by Darkthrone this year. First their excellent new album Arctic Thunder and now a surprise blast from the past: this new double-vinyl of pre-album rehearsal tracks from 1991-92: their A Blaze in the Northern Sky and Under A Funeral Moon era. It’s a classic period from a vital band and this looks like a very tasty archive release. It’ll come with a gatefold cover, rare photos, lyrics, and liner notes from Fenriz. Amazon reckons this isn’t out until January so buy at the Peaceville store if you need it now. I know I do.

Kick Axe – Vices, Welcome to the Club and Rock the World

Kick Axe! Rock Candy reissues these three albums from the legendary rock kings of CanCon. And, in this case, I definitely can CanCon. I’ve wanted a physical copy of Vices for a while (that cover!) so this is great news. Vices seems to be the only one with a bonus track too (a cover of Humble Pie’s 30 Days in the Hole) Not sure what the verdict is on their other albums though, so I will seek advice. If only I knew some Canucks…

Elsewhere, Czech black metallers Root return (from oblivion) with Kärgeräs – Return From Oblivion. I only have Root’s first album Zjeveni so I think I’d rather catch up with their other older albums than dip in now. Bolzer’s new album Hero is getting a lot of coverage but mixed reviews. I wasn’t even that into them when they were getting rave reviews so I’ll pass on this. The Witchery album In His Infernal Majesty’s Service sounds like it might be worthwhile black thrash but I dunno if I need much more of that. I’ll give it a listen online just in case. D-Beat obsessives Martyrdöd and weirdos Leprous release List and Live At Rockefeller Music Hall respectively. Two bands that I hear about a lot but aren’t really my cuppa.

It’s definitely a case of quality over quantity this week. I’m well up for the Primordial, Darkthrone and Kick Axe so all that Black Friday stuff can just get tae.

And that’s us for this week. Let me know if there’s anything I missed or anything you wish I’d missed. Happy hunting!

34 thoughts on “New Releases – 25th November 2016”

  1. CanCon Man here…
    Vices and Welcome To The Club are highly recommended! The third one Rock The World didn’t really click with me but does have a pretty decent cover of Fleetwood Macs The Chain from what I recall…
    The first two are with the dough…
    I think the CanCon Bunch as myself/Aaron and Mikey have reviewed Vices…!
    Get EM!

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  2. KICK AXE!!!!! Holy mackerel, they’re re-releasing them! FANTASTIC.

    The bonus track on Vices was only ever on the cassette version. True story!


    Oh yeah, and cool other stuff you mentioned (even though I’ve never heard of most of them).

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha yeah I’m excited. Me and these guys go way back. These days I have vices on CD (paid premium for an original!), and both Vices and WTTC on LP. Nice RM’d copies on CD would be grand. I also seem to recall through these blogs that Rock Candy does a bang-up job with their re-issues, so it’s a win-win!

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    1. As my good buddy Aaron said, I will be buying all three of these too. Not right now though. But absolutely, want/need/dying to have.

      Scott this is a tough time of year for us collectors. Too much, too much, too much!


      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yas! Friday seemed like a good day for the releases, eh? Hard to pick a favourite cover here (which is how I decide on the pick of the bunch). I might have to go for Root, though.

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