New Releases – 2nd December 2016

Well, this won’t take long. It’s pretty slim pickings today but there are a still a couple of releases worth getting into a big flap about.

Various Artists – Speed Kills VII

Not content with coming back from the dead, the re-animated Music for Nations label has also decided to resurrect the classic compilation series Speed Kills with this long-overdue seventh instalment. The devils! This is going to be an absolute rager. The highlights for me are the first official releases of new songs from The King is Blind, Akercocke and Voices. Fucking YES. And then there’s a track from the very promising Formicarius, a recent Acid Reign track… and if the other stuff here is considered equal in quality to that lot then this is sure to be totally essential. Liner notes from Malcolm Dome too! What’s not to like about all of this?


Trivium – Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio

Was never a massive fan of Matt Heafy and co. but, as the shouty verse/catchy chorus genre goes, they’ve definitely had their moments. Here’s a new reissue of their now hard-to-find debut album Embers to Inferno, which I’ve never heard. There are vanilla versions on CD and vinyl but the smart money should go on the deluxe versions (also on CD and vinyl and sub-titled Ab Initio) which will come with 13 pre-album demo tracks. I’ve not followed Trivium’s recent career since 2008’s Shogun but this look at their early days is intriguing.


KISS – Buenos Aires 1994: The Argentinian Broadcast

There’s quite a few of these radio broadcast CDs out today. Unofficial releases featuring the usual suspects like Rush, Cheap Trick and this one from KISS: a 2CD set of an excellent Revenge-era show. The band headlining a Monsters of Rock festival and pulling out a crowd-pleasing 70s-heavy set. Great sound quality and some absolutely storming renditions of tracks like I Stole Your Love and Parasite. Bootleg-hunters will have this already but I’m late to that game so I’m quite happy to get this on CD.

And that’s us! Not a great deal happening but the Speed Kills VII and Trivium reissue are both strong releases. And there’s the new Stones album but, if that’s your thing, you don’t need me to tell you about it.

As always, let me know what I’ve missed (there must have been something this week, surely?) and happy hunting!

37 thoughts on “New Releases – 2nd December 2016”

      1. Some of the other songs its cool esp the Simmons stuff…they should have totally broke out Saints and Sinners!
        What a great song….love the drums on it….Carr at his finest!

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  1. I do have Buenos Aires. I’ll be curious if yours sounds better.

    I saw them doing Keep Me Coming on the Kiss Cruise, and two tracks from the solo albums, but no other songs in the set that were different than usual.

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    1. Yeah, it looked more like a cosmetic thing. The tank, the outfits, instruments. But even on the Buenos Airies “Revenge-era” set there’s only two songs from Revenge. I guess some things never change! Good to hear even just a couple of unusual songs I suppose.

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      1. For Revenge I’m trying to think of how many live songs I’ve heard. Take it Off, Unholy and I Just Wanna, mainly! They did the ballad at the Unplugged show but did they ever do more than that live?

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  2. That Speed Kills cover is great. Pick of the bunch here.

    The Rolling Stones album is on my list, but dare say it’ll be a CD pick-up, as the vinyl is ridiculously priced cause it’s the Stones. Cheapest I’ve seen is £35 and it’s £44.99 on Amazon! Seriously? Absolutely no reason for it to cost that.

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      1. It’s scandalous. You could buy a few records for that. Which I may do… send their label a letter with a photo of my haul “this is what I bought instead of your new fucking Rolling Stones album”.

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