The HMO Top 5 Songs of 2016

No new releases to speak of today so here’s some bonus fun: the HMO Top 5 Songs of 2016. These are the five songs that stood out and stuck in my mind the most, and the ones that I think will most remind me of 2016 when I look back.

Abbath – To War! (from Abbath)

A classic black metal rampage that could have come straight off Immortal’s essential Sons of Northern Darkness album. And the opening riff! Total genius.

Akercocke – Inner Sanctum (from Speed Kills VII)

The return of the legendary Akercocke was proof that 2016 wasn’t all bad. Just classic Ak through and through, raising my excitement for their 2017 comeback album to fever pitch.

Gojira – Stranded (from Magma)

Magma wasn’t a totally consistent release but it made my Top 10 albums on the strength of some especially brilliant songs. And this audaciously simple instant-classic was the best of the lot.

Anaal Nathrakh – Hold Your Children Close and Pray for Oblivion (from The Whole of the Law)

The chorus of the year right here. Enjoy it cause the rest of the track is insanely violent. But with a title like that, you can’t say you weren’t warned.

But the HMO Song of the Year 2016 award goes to…

The King is Blind – Mesmeric Furnace (from Our Father)

This is a deep cut and we’re firmly in goosebump territory here. This track just oozes class. Epic, euphoric, monolithic, climatic. THIS is how you close an album.

And that rounds up 2016 for HMO. Thanks for reading and best wishes to you all for 2017!

31 thoughts on “The HMO Top 5 Songs of 2016”

      1. Yep, and there are a lot of great examples of that. Slash’s first solo album — to this day I think Beggars and Hangers On is one of the best songs GNR never recorded. But I can’t listen to the album. It’s boring!

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      2. I was going to review them in 2016. I hold both in very very high esteem. I have the utmost love and respect for them. But…there is little doubt both could be improved by trimming down. I got the Shotgun Blues, anyone?

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      3. YES I DO. Here’s what I found. Due to the number of looo-ong songs, I was never able to make a single CD that didn’t go over length. I could leave off November Rain today, but I still need my Estranged on there.

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  1. Oh! Top 5 songs! Man, I could totally get into this. I also think I’d find that a couple of my favourite songs are from albums that are lower down the list of favourite albums.

    That Gojira song is great.

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      1. How could I forget the knapsack!?

        I work in receiving for an orthopedic company. May not sound dangerous, but we’re going to have a week’s worth of deliveries hitting us on Tuesday. It’ll be ugly.

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  2. I noticed your little Spotify playlist at the bottom. I’ve actually been using Spotify a ton – free account, no subscription (yet!) – and I want to share this playlist I was listening to last night.

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