New Releases – 6th January 2017

Happy New Year! Understandably, there wasn’t a whole lot happening over the festive period but we’re getting back to normality now. Let’s see what the first new release day of the year has to offer.

When Jack Vettriano and futuristic fairgrounds collide

Magnum – Valley of Tears: the Ballads

Get your year off to a positive start with… err… Valley of Tears. Thanks Magnum! I do love a bit of Magnum but I’m not a huge fan of their recent stuff, which seems to be the focus here. And I gather the few older tracks are live or new versions. But if you like current Magnum and can’t get enough of ballads, fill yer boots.

Anvil, Angra and Freedom Call – 5 Original Albums in One Box

A trio of Original Albums boxes here. There’s some primo CanCon from Anvil: covering their career from Strength of Steel (1987) through to Absolutely No Alternative (1997). Don’t have any of those but I reckon the albums I’ve got are sufficient to scratch that itch. Angra are Brazilian power metallers who are probably most famous now for supplying Megadeth with guitarist Kiko Loureiro. Their set covers their first five albums, starting off with Angels Cry. And finally there’s Freedom Call. Their set covers the four albums that preceded their latest Master of Light. Now, one of those is the 2CD Live in Hellvetia so… that’s really just four albums right? Too pedantic? Pfftthbbtt.

The minimalist packaging of these sets is off-putting but they are pretty good selections from well-regarded bands so if you don’t mind that, and must have a physical copy, then these are good value collection-builders.

I call this piece “Anguish Caused by Pish Whitesnake Cover”

Halestorm – ReAnImate 3.0: The Covers EP

Can’t be arsed doing any research so I’m going to guess this is Halestorm’s third covers EP? This time round they take on Whitesnake, Sophie B. Hawkins, Soundgarden, Joan Jett and Metallica. Lzzy Hale does have a decent voice but I just don’t get the appeal of this band at all.

In other news, there are two good European black metal albums getting US releases today. You probably don’t know who Uprising are because… no-one does! Wow. Such mystique. Their 2016 debut album Uprising gets released via Tridroid. It’s good, nasty stuff whoever they are. And Derhead’s Via gets a US release too: accomplished and memorable avant-garde BM from Italy. It’s just an EP but the CD version has their entire demo discography on it as a neat added bonus. Both these are worth checking out if you like black metal.

Not a particularly noteworthy selection today but the year is only young. Onwards and upwards! Happy hunting and… see you next week.

51 thoughts on “New Releases – 6th January 2017”

      1. I was surprised how ballady Halestorm albums are. Too ballady honestly. I expected them to kick. I heard Lzzy doing “SLave to the Grind” and I thought, “I hope that’s what Halestorm sound like”.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I liked Load because it was new, different, looked like…not what it actually was…etc. LOL I’ll agree though, nothing great. More “interesting” than “good”.

        The new one…it must be the first proper album cover they have appeared on? Not counting Garage Days or Garage Inc, only full length proper studio albums. Is that a first?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Anvil for me starts at Metal On Metal ends with Forged In Fire. I liked that Documentary and good on them making a living now doing what they do.
    Mike is right that Halestorm cover is bizarro….they sure do get a lot of press though…

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  2. I do like the Magnum one, although agree their 80’s ballads are overall much stronger. I think the selection maybe down to licencing as well as most are from their albums with SPV and ‘When The World Comes Down’ is a recent-ish live version.

    Halestorm are okay but like others on here can’t see what all the fuss is about, yet they know how to work the press/PR machine well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No great covers this week, then? That’s disappointing. I do like the Derhead one, actually. All mysterious and suchlike… also pretty sweet that they’ve thrown all the demos on there. That’s gotta be a bargain.

    Liked by 1 person

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