New Releases – 27th January 2017

It’s Friday. Time for some new releases!


Kreator – Gods of Violence

I can’t believe its been nearly five years since Kreator’s last album Phantom Antichrist. That album is still one of the best thrash releases of the decade so far, and now the German veterans are back with the hotly-anticipated follow-up. As usual, there’s a mess of versions but the main draw seems to be an extra live DVD or Blu Ray depending on your preference. There are also big box sets for paraphernalia-lovers, people that can’t decide which format they prefer and people that find things like “certificates of authenticity” exciting.


Annihilator – Triple Threat

The obligatory CanCon of the week! The Canadian thrashers return with three new discs! And it’s called Triple Threat! See what they did there? So you get a disc of acoustic versions of their thrash classics (umm) and a live electric set. And then you get a DVD or a Blu Ray of both of those performances and some extras. Seems like a lot of bang for your Canuck bucks but, here’s the kicker… there is also a 2CD version. Should they not have called that, I dunno, Double Dip?


Stephen Pearcy – Smash

Here’s the new solo outing from the current, or ex, Ratt vocalist (depending on who you talk to). I’m well out of the Ratt loop but I heard one track Ten Miles Wide and it was good fun. His voice sounded good and it didn’t sound like he was trying to move with the times, which is where a lot of classic rockers tend to trip up. Heard lots of good things about the last Ratt album too so maybe I should be catching up with this Ratt shit.


Cream – Fresh Cream: Deluxe Edition

Cream’s debut album has been re-released plenty of times over the years but never with any notable extras that I can think of. This set looks pretty neat: three CDs and a Blu Ray with alternate mixes/versions, BBC sessions, a nice hardback book, sexy packaging and it’s not too pricey as these things go either. No certificate of authenticity though. Boo.


Sepultura – The Roadrunner Albums: 1985 – 1996

Box set of the Brazilians’ classic run of albums, available in CD or vinyl sets. There is no bonus stuff on this but if you don’t have any of the band’s stuff, this is pretty much everything you need right here.


The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy

This is the third album of Lovecraft-inspired metal from this French outfit. Gambrel roofs, gibbous moons and fish-folk guaranteed! Looks like Season of Mist have done a really nice job on the packaging for this too.

Quite an interesting week, definitely some stuff here that I’ll want to check out. Anything I’ve missed? Anything you fancy here? Let me know and… happy hunting!

42 thoughts on “New Releases – 27th January 2017”

  1. Hahaha..Double Dip! Never got into Annihilator dunno why perhaps it was the always reading about the constant singer and member changes…
    I am a shamed CanConer for admitting this…ha
    Give it up for Pearcy! A full length release in this day an age….What comes around goes around!
    Sorry that was brutal!

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      1. Yeah i dunno they just passed me by…For me though at the time Priest and Maiden set the bar way to high for Metal…..lots of stuff sounded second tier… my shot ears anyway….

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  2. Well, being a huge Ratt fan, I’m definitely interested in the Stephen Pearcy release! He’s got a great backing band that do all the old Ratt songs really well, so I’d imagine they sound good otherwise, too. Looking forward to checking this one out!

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    1. That’s cool, I can’t see how any Ratt fan wouldn’t like the Pearcy stuff. It sounded great. I only really know their old stuff but it sounds like he’s still got it! I went and checked our Ratt’s ‘Infestation’ too and that was also impressive. Need to sirens more time with these guys! Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. I don’t own, or know, any Sepultura. That stuff is the Max-era, then? They rotten after that?

    I’m kinda interested in Pearcy after reading about it over at Deke’s place. The two tracks definitely sounded like some good ol’ no-frills rock. Nothing contrived about it at all.

    The Cream set sounds intriguing, but I figure there’s no need for it. It’d be a different story if it was Disraeli Gears, of course.

    As for a acoustic thrash… what!?

    Cover choice here is Kreator. That’s some evil looking art.

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    1. The box is all the Max-era albums… They still have their fans but I’ve not been fussed about them since these. The vinyl set does look pretty sexy.

      Definitely intrigued by Pearcy. Sounded good… and Deke’s write-up only added to the intriguery!

      The Cream set looks pretty cool but I dunno either. I’ve got the albums and that’s probably enough for me anyway. Bigger fish to fry.

      Acoustic thrash… no idea. Doesn’t seem right does it?

      Kreator is the cover of the week for sure… and the album too. Went down very well today!

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      1. Glad that the Kreator album went down a treat. I might have a look at that Sepultura lot on the ol’ interwebs to see what I make of them. I have vague memories of listening to Roots (that was huge, right?), but can’t really remember anything about it other than thinking “that’s a bit loud”.

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      2. Quite honestly, I respect their stuff, they deserve their classic status but I’ve never been a huge Sepultura fan. I like the albums but they’re pretty low down the thrash/death list for me. Worth having but they don’t excite me nearly as much as a ton of other bands… they aren’t even my favourite band from Brazil!

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      1. When a set comes with a 5.1 mix of an album, I try to give that a spin more frequently. But that means I’m locked down to the living room. Walking around the house is pointless because you lose the 5.1 effect!

        I don’t like having to listen to music in one spot only, but that’s 5.1 for you.

        Funny enough I have the Stanley Kubrick blu-ray for Paths of Glory which comes in glorious, original MONO! Screw 5.1! LOL

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    1. I’m not entirely sure. A bigger fan may well have this stuff already. I know there was a BBC CD out for a kick off, so I don’t know how many of the sessions tracks here are also on that. Not sure how rare the different mixes are either? Worth looking into though.

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  4. If you do decide to get off the duff for more Annihilator, I do recommend the Never, Neverland album. That and Alice in Hell are my only holdings, but I think they’re both right up at the top in the number-of-awesome-riffs-per-minute sweepstakes, at least among my collection.

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    1. Awesome, good to know! It is currently the only Annihilator album on my Amazon wishlist. And it’s always pretty cheap too so next time I’m buying there I’m gonna just add it on. It’s it different singers on both of those?


      1. Yep, Alice in Hell vocalist Randy Rampage was replaced by Coburn Pharr for Never, Neverland but dude, nobody spins Annihilator for the vocals — these are Jeff Waters guitar shred, err, rampages that lay voice over top just for the hell of it.

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