New Releases – 3rd February 2017

February already, eh? Soon be Christmas! Let’s have a gawp at the latest releases…


Judas Priest – Turbo 30

First off, we’ve got the 30th anniversary reissue of the controversial Priest album. Available as a remastered album-only 180g vinyl or you can buy the 3CD edition that adds a double-CD live set from 1986. It’s hardly the full selection of Turbo-era rarities that you would have been hoping for, and the live disc is very similar to Priest Live!, but this still looks like a decent reissue. Live Priest is always worth a punt, though.


Deep Purple – Time for Bedlam EP

The veteran rockers drop an EP to tide you over while you wait on the new album inFinite, which is due out on April. Collectors will mainly want this for the non-album track Paradise Bar and there’s also an instrumental version of Uncommon Man and a rehearsal version a new track Hip Boots too. I’m sure Purps fans will dig all this stuff but… I’m bowing out. I just can’t be arsed with their modern style anymore.


Master – Master

Hammerheart Records are releasing various editions of this proto-death classic. Choose from the single CD, a frankly beautiful vinyl edition, and a 2CD deluxe with a bunch of bonus stuff: including a different “triggered” mix of the album (wat?), some unreleased rehearsals and the “unreleased” 1985 album (which has been “released” a few times now!) Looks like this could be the definitive version of a cracking album.


The Mist – Phantasmagoria

Greyhaze Records reissues another Brazilian gem from the Cogumelo roster on CD/Vinyl/Tape. This time it’s The Mist’s Phantasmagoria from 1989. This one will suit fans of old Coroner, Kreator and Destruction. It’s quite slick and accomplished by Cogumelo standards but still rough enough to keep the falses out! I don’t think this album is quite the “lost classic” it’s being pumped up to be but it’s an enjoyable genre entry. If you’re a thrash addict that “mist” out on it when it was released, this is well worth investigating.


Soen – Lykaia

Third album of prog-metal from ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and friends. I’ve always gave them a bye cause of the Opeth/Tool comparison but their new track Lucidity sounded pretty decent. Decent enough for me to want to hear more.

In a less HMO-friendly vein, there’s also Iron Reagan with Crossover Ministry and Black Star Riders with Heavy Fire. I’m not enough of a crossover fan to bother with Iron Reagan (do like that name though). And I just can’t get into Black Star Riders at all. Kudos to them for doing their own thing and throwing off the Lizzy tag but I’ve not heard anything from them that makes me want to care.

Of today’s lot, I’ll definitely be wanting the Master, Priest and The Mist releases. In that order of preference. And I’ll give the Soen album a listen online too and see if it floats my boat. And that’s it for another week. As usual, let me know what I’ve missed and if there’s anything here that you just gotta have. Happy hunting!

58 thoughts on “New Releases – 3rd February 2017”

      1. Me too. Got the Saxon mail the other day (3 CDs), got the Priest en-route, and now the Ghost and Purple on order, and that’s coming with another CD too. I can’t even remember which. LOL. I may have ordered the Rogue One soundtrack.

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      2. BTW Scott, I’m finishing up that Saxon CD. Really enjoyed it. A couple songs seemed less finished than others. But I’m Still Fit to Boogie, still fit to rock and roll. Since I have no other Saxon to compare it to, I was able to enjoy it simply for what it is and I’m glad. I think I’m going to attempt to buy them “in order”.

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      3. Well, there are really good bonus tracks on all of them but I just found the first album’s to be particularly satisfying! Later on there are some B-Side tracks like Krakatoa that should have been on albums. And some great live stuff and BBC Sessions. I don’t cover the bonus tracks but I might do a separate post about the Saxon ones at some point.

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  1. Question from our discussion the other day – would you still want to hear these new DP tracks at a show, even though they’re not really up your street?
    Or if they played other 21st century releases, would that still qualify as ‘new-ish’ and preferable to trotting out the old hits live again?

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    1. In this case, I’m just unlikely to go and see them at all! In the few cases I have seen them I’ve appreciated the new and lesser-heard numbers though, even though I’m not always wild about them. They handle the newer songs better than they handle the old ones too.

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      1. This is an interesting discussion. Geoff I have to say that Purple are always generous with new live material. I think, since this is the “final farewell” tour, they should concentrate on bringing obscure tracks out of the box. Purple are also good at airing out old material, but there have to be songs they’ve not played in 40+ years. I was thinking the other day how much I’d love to hear them open the set with “And The Address”, their first track from their first album.

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      2. I think they’re more adventurous now. I saw them quite a few times between Abandon and Bananas and their sets were pretty boring. Then one time they played Knocking at Your Back Door and I Got Your Number… and that song wasn’t even out yet! It was such a relief to hear something fresh!

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  2. Bowing out on the Purps? Huh. Me, I wanna know where that ship thinks it’s going.


    I have a foggy idea what your “mist” pun was…

    Soen? Opeth/Tool comparison? I’M IN.

    Fun write-up, as always! Hail HMO!

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      1. I may actually order this from Amazon myself but for right now I downloaded it from Apple Music…
        I see Sabbath is out with yet another Hits set…the songs that are on it are kinda cool but why??

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  3. Turbo is the one Halford studio Priest that I’ve never picked up, or even tried to be honest. Just never checked it out based on my cold reaction to “Turbo Lover” and descriptions of the sound read who knows where.

    As for modern DP, I still rate Now What?! very highly and am right jazzed for the new one. Will wait for that one though vice this EP as I’m not much of a completest.

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    1. Interesting! I think Turbo has its moments but if you didn’t like ‘Turbo Lover’ then I can’t see you getting much out of it. Might still be worth getting for that live album though?

      I know a lot of people really liked Now What?! so I totally understand they’ll be looking forward to this. I just couldn’t get into Now What?! at all though. And I imagine the new one will follow in its footsteps, given that it was so popular. But I’m out!

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  4. Some interesting albums there. What was controversial about Turbo? (If you don’t mind my ignorance!)

    That Soen one sounds intriguing. Also gets the prestigious new release album cover of the week. Just pipped Deep Purple.

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    1. Just controversial in its change of style. Glammier, slicker… synths and Eliminator kinda bits and also dumber anthem-type songs.

      Hooray for the prestigious cover of the week award! My pick would be Master cause I’m a sucker for simple, classic logos on black. That’s the one I’d want on a t-shirt anyway!

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      1. You just mentioned Eliminator to get me interested. Now I need to hear it.

        Can’t really go wrong with a classic logo on black, but the winner there deserves the prize. Can’t wait to see what’s up next week!

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      2. I’m expecting Afterburner now. Though I think there’s maybe one good song on there…

        … so maybe I’ll stick with the Priest albums I have for now.

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