New Releases – 17th February 2017

There’s not a huge amount of stuff out today so this’ll be short. Some good classic metal reissues out today though.


Virgin Steele – Visions of Eden

David DeFeis and Co. continue their excellent series of reissues with this deluxe edition of their “Barbaric-Romantic Movie of the Mind”. The 2006 album gets a remix on the first disc and the original album is remastered on disc two. Visions of Eden is a rich, complex album but it never quite reaches the heights of the band’s classic work (apart from the bit where he tells Adam and Eve to eff off). But there’s strong potential for improvement with the remix so I’m intrigued to see how this one works out. And you’ve got to love the pure phallic power of that cover.

Omen – Reissues

Some more classic trad-metal reissues here. Omen’s first three albums on Metal Blade, Battle Cry, Warning of Danger and The Curse, getting newly remastered and repackaged editions on digipak CD and vinyl. The CDs will have some bonus tracks, most notably the Nightmares EP which will be added to The Curse CD, but if you’re buying the vinyl versions you’ll just get the album tracks. The only thing I’m missing here (inc. bonus tracks) is The Curse so I reckon I’ll pick that up cause their other stuff is jolly good. If you like your metal NWOBHM-y and don’t know Omen, now’s your chance… be their wench tonight!


Benighted – Necrobreed

**UPDATE** Thanks to Nick for the heads-up about this one. Big brutal deathgrind release from France that’s been getting plenty of review praise lately. Not strictly my cup of tea style-wise but I’m intrigued enough to want to hear more, given the praise. And the awesome packaging from Season of Mist doesn’t hurt either. Fans should note that the deluxe box CD version has two bonus cover versions (of Sepultura and Marduk).

Elsewhere we have The Forty Five by black metal combo Cnoc An Tursa. Scenic, folky stuff with tons of Scottishness. Less Trve Kvlt, more Trve Kilt. And if I’m the first person to make that joke surely I deserve some sort of reward. Death metal veterans Morta Skuld return with Wounds Deeper Than Time (one of those bands where I’d rather go back and check them out from the beginning though). And last, and definitely least, Anthrax release the umpteenth version of their “new” album For All Kings. This time it’s the “Tour Edition” with a bonus EP of demos. Don’t encourage them.

Not a particularly stellar week but I’ve been looking forward to the Virgin Steele reissue and I’m up for adding Omen’s The Curse to the collection too so those are my personal picks. Fans of brutal death will want to make a beeline for Benighted though. Until next week, happy hunting!

38 thoughts on “New Releases – 17th February 2017”

  1. Man I cannot believe that Dude still has V Steele pumping out records….Kind of reminds of a Manowar album cover like for Ross the Boss when they kicked him out and all he had left was his sword and horse!
    Have no idea where that came from…..hahaha

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  2. There’s a new album called Necrobleed out by a French metal band called Benighted. They’ve rapidly changed their sound over their years, and have settled on a lovely hybrid of grindcore and groove metal. I still haven’t, this year so far, bought any albums…but Benighted might just tempt me to part with my money. The band have never, ever disappointed, and from the few tracks I’ve heard (they released a short film serving as a music video for the first song on the album “Reptilian”) this will be an album that will (yet again) top my ‘best of’ list come the end of the year. That much I’m certain.

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      1. I see here on your resume that you have a grade 6 education and you were just released from prison.

        I don’t think you are what we are looking for.

        Wait. Is that a Maiden t shirt under your suit and tie.

        You can start Monday.

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  3. Mr. DeFeis’ horse needs to lighten up on the conditioner, that is unless that’s a mare and there’s more going on there than I’m picking up.

    Having my first-ever listen to The Curse now and feeling a tingle! As for the cover, looks like the Y&T Mean Streak snake got hungry, eh?

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