Bernie Tormé – ‘Dublin Cowboy’ Available on PledgeMusic


In addition to yesterday’s New Release round-up here’s one more thing you should spend some money on this weekend. The upcoming Bernie Tormé album Dublin Cowboy is available as a PledgeMusic offer and, with the offer ending on Mon 20th Feb 2017, this weekend is your last chance to get involved.

Bernie is the incredible axe wizard that played on the classic Gillan albums of the early 80s, Mr. Universe, Glory Road and Future Shock, and his playing on the Reading Festival live recordings is some of my very favourite guitar playing ever. It’s incendiary! And, if that wasn’t enough, he also played with Ozzy Osbourne and formed Desperado with Dee Snider and Clive Burr. Not to mention his excellent solo career.

And now he’s back with his latest solo album Dublin Cowboy, which is going to be a triple studio/live/acoustic release. Go to his PledgeMusic page to get your pledge in. There are a ton of options and, even if you only punt for the £12 digital version, you get access to a ton of great stuff. There are brilliant guitar playthrough videos of some awesome Gillan songs and solos. There are rare song downloads, gear breakdowns, and all sorts of memorabilia like tour itineraries and photos of him drinking Guinness and stuff like that. I’m sure the album will still be available later but it’s well worth getting involved at this Pledge stage as Bernie has really gone to town with the extras here.

20 thoughts on “Bernie Tormé – ‘Dublin Cowboy’ Available on PledgeMusic”

      1. Excellent idea. But I’ve already got one on the go to pay for me to have a M&S sandwich for lunch tomorrow, so it may have to wait a bit – I don’t want to seem needy.

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  1. Quite a lot of really swell stuff happening on that Pledge nowadays, eh? Guess it allows artists that wee bit more creative control as well as funds to do stuff they want to. The last few years I’ve been aware of Weiland, Secret Sisters and The Flaming Lips doing stuff through this, too.

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      1. Yeah, I am too. I guess there’s a few bigger acts that are taking advantage of the crowd funding platform. I kinda get it and I can’t say I’m that against it when there’s good wee incentives, but I have seen a few where it’s literally been – various formats of the album for varying prices and maybe a t-shirt. Special stuff is what it’s all about.

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