New Releases – 3rd March 2017

Last week was a belter with Immolation and Power Trip putting out the best albums of the year so far. So today’s new releases have a hard act to follow.


The Senseless – The Buried Life

The eclectic solo project of Sam Bean (The Berzerker/Mithras/The Antichrist Imperium) returns for a third album. This actually just came out on the 1st Mar so I’ve already had a couple of listens. It’s a darker and denser effort than the previous album, the joyous The Floating World, but it’s still got that uplifting “heavy mental” mix of insanity and humanity and there are tons of surprises. The CD, available through the band’s website, will have a bonus track and there are digital downloads offered at the usual places too.


Midnight – Shox of Violence

These masked marauders are one of the most exciting metal acts around at the moment: pure filthy NWOBHM riffery for fans of the ‘heads combined with a black, punky atmosphere for fans of Venom, Bathory and the like. Shox of Violence was released as a vinyl EP last year with four songs and now here’s the CD version with an added… wait for it… 25 bonus tracks! Cover versions, live tracks, tracks from split releases etc… a veritable treasure trove of evil depravity.


Armored Saint – Carpe Noctum

This live album from the “headbangingest band on the planet” has been available already via a PledgeMusic deal but here it is now for everyone else. I’m half intrigued cause the band has a great catalogue and are, by all accounts, great live. But I’m put off by the fact that their last album Win Hands Down was a bit of a duffer. But they picked the good new songs for this so it might not be too bad. Anyone heard this already? Do they deliver?


Dread Sovereign – For Doom the Bell Tolls

You’ve got to love that title. Primordial’s Nemtheanga gets his old-school epic doom on with this side-project. This EP is the follow-up to 2014’s All Hell’s Martyrs album. I didn’t really connect much with that but I didn’t spend nearly enough time with it either so I reckon I’ll give that a revisit first and then see what happens.


Danko Jones – Wild Cat

Like Armored Saint, another band with a good rep as a live act. I’m not all that up on these guys studio output but their last live album was quite good fun. Not especially my cup of tea though so I’d have to read phenomenally good things to drum up enthusiasm.

Slaughter – Strappado and Nocturnal Hell, Surrender or Die

Just realised it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had any CanCon… am I in trouble? Well, here’s a double dose of primo Canuck thrash metal to get me off the hook. First off, we’ve got High Roller reissuing Slaughter’s classic Strappado with a bonus track and an unedited rough mix of the whole album. And, just to make this week even more exciting for Slaughter fans, Vic Records also release a compilation with an EP and their demos too. You lucky Canucks!


And I reckon that’s about it! Another very strong week. The Senseless album is my pick of the week and the Midnight and Slaughter albums are must-buys too. And I’m sure I’ll get to Dread Sovereign eventually (probably via Bandcamp). Let me know what you’re after today. Anything I’ve missed? Until next time… happy hunting!

39 thoughts on “New Releases – 3rd March 2017”

  1. Up All Night! Slaughter At HMO’s!
    Funny enough a fellow I work with still has the debut Saint album March Of The Saints on vinyl! I may have to check this out as I always liked Bush’s metal like rasp!
    Danko man love that Code Of Road tune…..
    Canadian Slaughter …..heard about these guys….but not my cup of tea….or biscuits for that matter…

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    1. I’d have bought Armored Saint for sure but that last album kinda did then in for me… I’ll probably check it out on Spotify though and give them a chance to win me back.

      Yeah, don’t reckon Slaughter would be in your wheelhouse!

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      1. When I played it last night I went right for March of The Saint since i have not heard that in decades which was a trip of a flashback.
        The next track was called Stricken By Fate and Wowzers dude what a kick ass track…

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Even I tire of Sloan sometimes. Long stretches of “meh” albums. My buddy Craig still thinks they are Canada’s greatest band, and I understand his reasons. But I have only fully loved ONE Sloan album since 1999. That’s a long stretch of us growing apart.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Helix!

        About a decade ago I made a video “Why I prefer Helix to Rush”. Unfortunately I really stupidly deleted all my youtube videos…I don’t remember why. Dissatisfaction? Anyway while it was up, it came to the bands’ attention and Brian Vollmer’s wife personally thanked me for making it. I was flattered! Such a nice gesture for her to say that.

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      1. The Other Man may be my least fave Sloan song. I feel your pain.

        At least I chose Sloan. Not Nickelback, Celine Dion or Justin Bieber.

        You still owe me 13 1/2 seconds. Just pretend you are on Survivor and there is a $1 million prize at the end.

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    1. How did I miss the John 5 album!! I am pissed I missed that one. I didn’t see that show up anywhere. I knew he had one coming though just didn’t expect it so soon. Streaming it now.


  2. Some fine covers this week. Again! Dread Sovereign is pretty good, but Midnight and Slaughter are slugging it out to the death. Who wins? Nocturnal Hell…

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  3. Someone needs to tell those Midnight chappies that spelling ‘shocks’ incorrectly as ‘shox’, isn’t ‘cool’ or ‘rock’, it’s just wilfully ignorant and will set a poor example for all the impressionable youths out there.

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  4. This post is Can Con Approved.

    Haha Danko. He’s a classy guy. “If you wanna know how to sing the blues… GET YOURSELF A WOMAN!” Oh dear. I have several of his records here, still need to actually play them, though I can imagine it’ll be straight up in your face rawkin’.

    The others will make you happy I’m sure!

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