New Releases – 10th March 2017

It’s Friday! Apologies for the slightly late posting (just back from holiday) so, without further ado, let’s check out my pick of the new releases… and play the “which album has the best cover” game.

Fen – Winter

Just as we start to feel spring in the air, along come Fen with their new album Winter. Typical, miserable black metallers! I’ll let them off though cause this is one of the more exciting new black metal albums in a wee while. It’s going to be a long one with some epic song lengths, rarely a good sign these days, but the advance word is good and what I’ve heard so far sounded fresh and impressive.

Temptation’s Wings – Skulthor Ebonblade

If that cover, album title and song titles like Lair of the Gorgon Queen don’t sell this to you then nothing will. And the music on this concept album is pretty good too. A sludgy take on true metal, this is one for fans of Grand Magus. And if, like me, you’re finding Grand Magus a bit too mild-mannered these days then this fantasy epic will be well up your cobbled street.

Darkest Hour – Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora

Darkest Hour are getting a lot of rave coverage for their latest album and it hits the shelves today. I honestly just can’t stick this stuff myself though so can’t tell you if it’s better, worse or indifferent compared to their other albums or albums of its ilk. It’s just not my style. But if it’s yours then, by all accounts, you’re in for a big treat. Lucky you!

Havok – Conformicide

If the recent Nightmare Logic from Power Trip wasn’t enough to satisfy your retro-thrash lust, here’s Havok with their new album. I’m a hard-sell for this kinda stuff but the new song Intention to Deceive sounded decent and had good vocals. If you’ve wore out all your Death Angel albums you could do worse than look into this.

Chickenfoot – Best + Live

No prizes for guessing what’s on this album then? I’ve never been convinced by this “supergroup” and their new track Divine Termination isn’t winning me over. So I’ll pass. It’s all a bit too stodgy and smug for my liking. I’ll take The Waboritas over this lot any day.

In the elsewhere file there’s a new black metal from Cirith Gorgor who follow up their recent album Visions of Exalted Lucifer with a new EP Bi Den Dode Hant. Not a band that’s grabbed me one way or the other though. And there’s Evocation who I’m not that fussed about either, but I’ve quite liked some new songs of theirs so their latest album The Shadow Archetype might be a dark horse. And I wanted to mention the new Weigedood album De Doden Hebben Het Goed II. It looks to me like it’s out today but might also already be out in some places too… not sure… but I like the sound of it at any rate. Reminds me of why I got into black metal in the first place so, regardless of whether it’s out today or out already, it’s getting checked out.

**UPDATE** Thanks to Bop at Boppin’s Blog for the head’s up about this – Voivod have announced a PledgeMusic offer for the upcoming reissues of Killing Technology, Dimension Hatross & Rrröööaaarrr. There are vinyl versions available and you can also get 2CD/DVD editions which will have loads of extra live tracks, footage and demos. And there’s also a 2CD comp from this era as well as all the fancy stuff like test pressings etc… It’s all part of the exciting Noise Lebt! series I posted about a while back. The prices look very reasonable and include shipping too. Get pledging here.

Not a banner week like some we’ve had recently but still some decent and intriguing stuff for genre fans. As always let me know what I’ve missed and, until next week… happy hunting.

47 thoughts on “New Releases – 10th March 2017”

      1. I’ve got a multi region player so shouldn’t be a problem. And they’re not very expensive either which is awesome! Going to order the 3 sets right now. (And pop an update onto the post too)


  1. I have a 3 disc deluxe of the first VoiVod, but I rarely play it. So I will probably pass on these (for now). That first one came out over a decade ago! What takes so long to do the rest?

    Chickenfoot I will get, not a priority, but I do like the band. I noticed that the formerly exclusive live tracks from the Classic Rock edition are on here. So…meh for that old Classic Rock edition, I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve got the 3 disc too. I think these took so long cause of the different labels. First one was Metal Blade and these three were all on Noise, who’ve been defunct for years. Noise got relaunched recently which is why this is all happening now.


  2. The Chickenfoot live disc is the straight audio from there “Get Your Buzz On” DVD which If u recall i reviewed under DVBeers….
    Pretty funny to have a best of with two albums…the live portion though is good..
    I’m with HMO the new track is …well could have been better….

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  3. Chickenfoot is the only one that’s on my radar to at least check out. I’m not mad about them, but I like a few tracks.

    Cover of the week goes to Temptation’s Wings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually knew that! But still forgot to include it… that’s how big a Blaze fan I am! And there was a cool Tokyo Blade box set out that I missed too. Can’t win em all. Maybe I should do a “stuff I missed” post every month?


    1. I’m actually not that up on them. It’s been pretty hard to get some of these albums for years so I’m looking forward to getting to know them at last! I only really know Dimension Hatross and the debut War and Pain. Both great.


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