New Releases – 17th March 2017

Friday is upon us once more. Let us look at today’s new releases and see if they are glorious.

(And thanks to Nick for giving me a heads-up about a couple of these!)

Obituary – Obituary

When an older band releases a self-titled album, it usually suggests a renewed sense of purpose or a big change in style but, having checked out Obituary’s new song Lesson In Vengeance, I’m not sure this album is going to be either. Just sounded like OK meat and potatoes death metal stuff to me. Maybe they just couldn’t think of a title? Anyway, as death metal legends go, Obituary never really caught my interest and this doesn’t seem like it’ll change that. I’ll probably just go back and give Cause of Death another go.

KXM – Scatterbrain 

Korn’s Ray Luzier, King’s X’s dUg Pinnick(?) and Lynch Mob’s George Lynch team up to form Korn X Mob! Handily shortened to KXM. Didn’t even know about this band and they’re on their second album already. Fairly intriguing combo of talented musicians so this should be worth checking out. Lynch is the MVP of KXM, as far as I’m concerned. His playing on the title-track is supreme.

Svart Crown – Abreaction

Apologies to European readers as I should have mentioned this one a week or so ago. But it’s out in the US/Canada today so I get to mention it anyway. Better late than never. I was prepared to write this one off as samey but this French band’s latest batch of blackened death is proving naggingly enjoyable. Nothing original but well-crafted and fresh all the same.

Fit for an Autopsy – The Great Collapse 

The new album from the prominent deathcore practitioners. Just not a deathcore fan so you’ll have to make your own mind up about this one… don’t let me influence you.

On the vinyl front, Back on Black reissue Raven’s Rock Until You Drop and Live at the Inferno. Normally I’d just buy a CD rather than bother with a Back on Black LP but the Raven stuff’s a bit hard to find so I could be tempted. On the other hand, a lot of NWOBHM stuff has been getting reissued on CD and box sets these days so… I’ll maybe hold off. Proggy instrumentalists Animal As Leaders get two remastered reissues on silver vinyl (Weightless and their S/T) and the dull-as-dishwater Lamb of God get the same treatment for their debut album New American Gospel.

And that’s the lot for another week. No massive must-buys for me today but Svart Crown and KXM sound worthy of further investigation. Next week we’ve got one of the year’s most anticipated releases. Until then… happy hunting.

*NEW FEATURE* – The “best cover” game is now available as a poll! Pick your fave here. (Only the releases with new artwork will be included)

52 thoughts on “New Releases – 17th March 2017”

      1. Went two songs in on KXM and quickly moved on..dunno man just cannot wrap my head around these kind of albums. I took your guys lead on this but I’m gonna be the troublemaker here and say ….Nope!

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      2. I’ve only heard one song. I wasn’t that impressed either Deke… the guitar playing made me want to give it another go so I’ll reserve judgement. If the songs are all dull the guitar won’t make a difference though.

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      3. Yeah i dunno the whole thing just wasn’t doing it. Brent Jensen wrote in his book he would always upon first listen of a record start at track 2 or 3 as you knew the first couple of tracks would be the strongest! KXM failed to deliver on either 2..

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  1. 2 others that intrigue me are Mothership and Danko Jones/Circle side.project band Iron Magazine.

    As for Back To Black, I try and avoid them like a zombie plague. I may do a post about suspect vinyl companies.

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  2. Of the list I think KXM is the one I gravitate towards. Hopefully not another band that sounds better on paper.

    Speaking of George Lynch, I just saw a poster that let me know Lynch Mob is touring to Toronto in the fall. I may have to check them out.

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  3. A new vinyl reissue of Lamb of God’s New American Gospel? Despite the fact I bought the original CD reissue, I’ll pass.

    I have the new Obituary album waiting for me to listen to, so I’m sure I’ll get to it at some point. Although I think the whole “self titled” thing and the artwork would never catch my eye if I were not a fan.

    If you check out the KXM album, lemme know what you think. It came across my news feed one day due to me following what Ray’s (korn drummer) upto. I was like, “damn, this is some good stuff”.

    Also, thanks for the mention!

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  4. Geezus Murphy…I had Ravens All For One and Live At The Inferno on record like 30 years ago….frigg should have kept them….All For One is a good album and the live was a hoot with Gallagher and his metal falsetto at times …
    MMMMMMMIND OOOOOOOOVER Meeeeeeeeeeetallllllll!
    Shit i miss the 80s!

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      1. HAHAHA….What happened was back around 91 or so I was hooked on Cd’s so when i moved out from home it was crazy dragging all these records around so i gave them to my friend….he still has them which is allright by me but he left town …hahaha

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  5. Here for the album art again, Scott. Svart Crown seems like a collection of cliches but like all the others! Love the D&D potency of Obituary, and the post apocalyptic panel work of Fit for an Autopsy. Manipulated heads are always good too (Hello Ian Hunter, Dream Theatre and many others).

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  6. Yas! A poll! All new to me, though my slight interest in KXM has diminished on reading the comments here.

    Anyhoo, it’s Svart Crown for me. Looks like something Indy would have come across during his root around the Temple of Doom.

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