New Releases – 24th March 2017

Time for me to rake through today’s new releases. Some great stuff out today!

Memoriam – For the Fallen

There’s a justifiable buzz about this one. The band’s pedigree (Memoriam feature former members of Bolt Thrower, Benediction and Sacrilege) and a couple of excellent demo singles mean the expectations are high for the band’s debut full-length. Old-school death metal with crusty attitude, weapon-grade riffing and a conscience. I’ll be surprised if anyone’s disappointed by this. 

Pallbearer – Heartless

And speaking of buzz… These Arkansas doom-mongers have been enjoying plenty of critical praise in recent years and, judging by the reviews so far, it looks like their critical cache is only going to increase with this, their third album. Fans of extra tracks will want to check out the Japanese edition as it has an extra disc with three bonus tunes on it.

Me and that Man – Songs of Love and Death

And another biggie! Fresh from blowing everyone away with The Satanist, Behemoth’s Nergal is back but, this time, he’s teaming up with guitarist John Porter for this new project. Dark, rootsy music along the lines of Johnny Cash and Nick Cave, I was prepared for this to just not be my cup of tea but I’ve really enjoyed the few songs I’ve heard so far. Intriguing.

Michael Schenker Group – Michael Schenker Fest Live CD/DVD

I was about to knock this into the “elsewhere” category but, on closer inspection, this looks like good fun. It’s a MSG reunion in Tokyo, the Schenk joined by the wonderful Chris Glen/Ted McKenna rhythm section and the trio of vocalists Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley and Gary Barden along coming along for the ride. Can’t argue with a roster like that! And it’s good to see Michael back on form and enjoying himself.

Samson – The Polydor Years

Samson are mostly known for featuring a pre-Maiden Bruce Bruce on vocals but the talented guitarist Paul Samson kept the band going after the Air Raid Siren’s departure. This new package features the two albums (Before the Storm and Don’t Get Even, Get Mad) they made with replacement vocalist Nicky Moore with tons of bonus tracks. Both albums have been hard, if not impossible, to find on CD so this is a very welcome set.

Blood Divisions – Cardinal One EP

This is an all-star digital-only EP led by Chris Jericho with all proceeds going to Rock and Rescue. They get kudos for choosing two Nasty Savage covers as well as UFO’s awesome Hot N’ Ready (and their single had Scorpions’ Top of the Bill on it too which is another brilliant choice) Two new tracks seal the deal. Fun for fans of Jericho/Fozzy… and it’s all for charidee.

Anthrax – For All Kings (7″ Vinyl Box) 

Yet another new edition of Anthrax’s new album, still getting milked to death before people move on. This box has the album divided up into ten singles for… reasons. Does look pretty cool, I suppose.

Elsewhere, Frontiers (who else?) bring out a couple of releases from veteran AOR acts. House of Lords with Saint of the Lost Souls and Night Ranger with Don’t Let Up. There’s another Metal Blade release: Cut Up with their Wherever They May Rot album. It might surprise you to find out that this is a death metal album. Throw in a deluxe, bonus track-strewn 20th Anniversary Edition of Today Is The Day’s Temple of the Morning Star and that’s quite enough for one day! Please note, this isn’t an exhaustive list: just the stuff that stands out for me as being interesting or notable. If there’s anything you are into that’s not covered here then let us all know in the comments. Until next week… happy hunting.

And now you must vote for your FAVOURITE ALBUM COVER OF THE WEEK.

47 thoughts on “New Releases – 24th March 2017”

  1. Placed my vote. It’s obvious to me what the best one is, but we’ll see…

    Those Pallbearer and Me And That Man covers look… emo.

    Although I like the sounds of the description of that MATM album…

    So, will you be buying the Anthrax for… reasons?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah for sure. I guess I’ll wait for the NEXT Anthrax re-release too. I waited forever to finalize buy the last one. I’m used to Anthrax releasing stupid amounts of editions for…reasons. $$$$

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That MSG album looks real slick HMO. Like the fact that it’s the not the same old same old live Mikey album.
    Getting all the vocalists together and having the whole band that recorded the excellent Assault Attack album in 2016 no less is stellar!
    I read some review on this album and they kinda hammered on Barden a bit but c’mon its been 37 yrs since the first MSG album!
    Still though I don’t think this will replace the excellent Live At Budokan from 82…that is pure brilliance that album!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is not really an album so I should have not mentioned it.
        It is just 2 songs, previously found on deluxe versions of Atoma.

        Oh yeah. I forgot. I’m not sure if you knew that Anthrax have an album out called For All Kings. They were going to call it Beating A Dead Horse originally.


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  3. Vote cast (late again!). Memoriam again… evil Ark of the Covenant (which I guess is kind of evil?)

    Anyhoo, Pallbearer album actually interests me. Seriously. I have, and dig, Foundations of Burden. That’s some pretty great sounding doomage. Yup.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pallbearer definitely intrigues me although I have to say I’ve only heard the odd track here and there. Have yet to treat myself to a full album. This will be the year though!

      Thanks for voting. That’s my pick too… I just got the vinyl today and the cover looks incredible. The picture here doesn’t do it justice. Endless detail!


    1. Thanks very much! That’s a good question… on WP it’s all about just commenting and liking other people’s stuff. Following and liking back. Get into chats, be nice and always reply to comments (within reason anyway).

      Watching post length is good too and social media is great. Facebook is full of bands, musicians, fans and PRs that might link to your posts so do a page there for your blog if you haven’t already.

      I also do twitter and instagram… it all helps but FB is the biggest for drawing people. Hope that helps!

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