Announcement: HMO Reviews in Zero Tolerance

2017-04-15 12.28.02-2
My copy!

I’m delighted to announce that I am now contributing reviews to Zero Tolerance magazine. I’ve been reading it avidly for years so it’s exciting to see my name in there! The latest issue #78 is on the newsstands so you can pick up a copy now.

I’ve written five reviews for the new issue: the upcoming Artificial Brain album Infrared Horizon, Necroblood’s The Collapse Of The Human Race, Ascended Dead’s Abhorrent Manifestation, Basement Torture Killings There’s Something About Beryl and the 7” self-titled EP from Sangue.

You can check out the magazine’s website here but you’ll have to buy the print edition if you want to read my reviews. Check out ZT’s stockist page if you’re not sure where to find a copy.

[Death – Zero Tolerance]

49 thoughts on “Announcement: HMO Reviews in Zero Tolerance”

  1. This is AWESOME! Way to go! (sniff) look at our HMO, all grown up! (sniff sniff) Hahaha 🙂 WAHOOOO!!!!!!

    I remember you sent me the CDs from one of those magazines. They were intense!

    Also: Basement Torture Killings? That’s… very evocative.

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  2. Awesome news.

    I just started buy a few magazines lately.
    I will ask about this one. Although I fear the packaging needed to keep your awesomeness contained for the trek across the ocean may drive the cost up into the millions.
    I’ll still ask though.

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      1. Just a few lately like Metal Hammer and Classic Rock.
        Mainly when a cool cd is included like the new Classic Rock with Deep Purple on the cover.
        Or when the reviewers are powerful enough to crush mere mortals.

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      1. I will mate, I have to buy this month’s issue of ZT, but I’ll do it tomorrow. I have been so freaking busy with my job and study that I had to quit for a while my reading, but I still buying ZT, it’s a great magazine; again I am very happy for you.

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