New Releases: 21st April 2017 (and RSD17)

This weekend is going to be dominated by Record Store Day (the tenth one!) but there are still some interesting “normal” new releases for you if you can’t be bothered with all that queuing nonsense on Saturday.


Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon

“Death metal in space” was a recurring feature in my Top Albums of 2016 and it looks like it might be this year too. It’s only April and here come Artificial Brain with this wonderful album of… you guessed it… death metal in space! An almost-concept album about cyborgs, it’s totally brutal and guttural and also really expressive and creative. A must-buy.

Night Demon – Darkness Remains

Bit of retro trad metal for the oldies! Night Demon have already enjoyed plenty of plaudits for their previous releases but the reviews have went into gush overdrive for this one. I’ve not been blown away by what I’ve heard but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve heard the whole thing.

Vampire – With Primeval Force

Umm, pretty much the same as I said for Night Demon. Retro (evil death/thrash) with great reviews but I’ve not been convinced by what I’ve heard. Just sounds a bit dull to me. I’ll reserve judgement again but I’m even more skeptical about this one than the Night Demon album. Great cover though!

Rotting Christ – Thy Mighty Contrast

Fresh from me posting about it earlier in the week, here comes Peaceville Records with a plush vinyl reissue. This is missing the excellent bonus tracks that are on my CD copy but it looks like a mighty edition with cool liner notes and all that. It’s also freshly remastered and I believe Peaceville are going to be working through the catalogue so you might as well just hop on here so you can buy the whole bloody lot.

So what about Record Store Day then? I don’t usually bother with it that much but I’m not a pure stick-in-the-mud about it either. That said, it’s a bloody minefield to post about so you’re as well just checking out the RSD websites here and here for full lists and make your own mind up.

I quite fancy the Def Leppard EP (got it on 7inch already but it’s just the plain sleeve version and I fancy this edition), Enslaved’s Roadburn Live disc also looks cool and, if I strike out on those, the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown LP and the Cheap Trick Epic Rarities set would be acceptable booby prizes. As the rest of the metal RSD17 releases go, the Dillinger Escape Plan Instrumentalist single, Kylesa Live At Maida Vale and Katatonia Proscenium all look fairly collectible too, if you’re a fan. I’m gonna head out and try and pick up the Def Leppard EP but reportedly there’s a reissue campaign of early Lep stuff on the way that will probably include the EP tracks (and more hopefully!) so even the EP isn’t totally essential. But it’s all just a bit of fun so I’m going to get up early… not too early… and try my luck.

And that’s about the lot for me this week. Let me know what you’re after today or if there’s any Record Store Day releases that you’ve got your alarm clock set for. Happy hunting!

31 thoughts on “New Releases: 21st April 2017 (and RSD17)”

  1. I’m gonna head down on Saturday with my daughter to check stuff out…
    That Lep and Cheap Trick would be my scores but i’m going just so Lexie can experience it since the owner of the shop is having local live entertainment plus a real cool coffee shop is attached to his shop…
    Should be cool…

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  2. Don’t think there was an awfy lot on RSD that I was dead keen to get my hands on, so dare say I’ll be at home in my jammies eating beans n’ toast.

    Anyhoo, you’ve got me interested in Artificial Brain. Stunning album cover, too!

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  3. I don’t think I’ll be doing Record Store Day this year, although I’d like the DL EP. It will sound better than my copy. And there is a new Black Crowes & Jimmy Page live EP that I have my eyes on. But I think I can wait.

    Favourite album cover: Artificial Brain.

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    1. I saw that Crowes/Page EP too… interesting. I wasn’t that fussed about their album though so I’d probably pass on that.

      It does look like those DL EP tracks are going to show up elsewhere anyway. I think it even said as much on the RSD site.

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  4. Some more new stuff include:
    Broken Teeth, The Gun Club, Corroded, Axel Rudi Pell, Nothing Left, Cosmosquad, Boss Hog, Born Of Osiris, Tyranex, Moonbow, Game Ovet, Amiensus, and some new live recordings by Marillion and The Dead Daisies.

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  5. I am unwilling to abide anything other than 100 percent enthusiasm for Night Demon. Saw them live a couple years back — opening for Sólstafir, believe it or not — and they successfully made their point. Darkness Remains was pre-ordered as soon as I became aware of it. Now, if I could just figure out how to get the mail more quickly to (swear jar word) Egypt!

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