HMO at Record Store Day 2017

My old version of the Def Leppard EP. In need of an upgrade!

I’m usually more of a vulture when it comes to Record Store Day, waiting until the fuss dies down and then swooping in for whatever is left. I get to avoid queuing and the shop still gets the cash (not that the record shops in Glasgow have any complaints about me on that front.) But if there’s a release I’m particularly excited about then I can be tempted to join the queue and that was definitely the case today. And the weather was pretty splendid too so that didn’t hurt.

I had a lovely morning bus ride into town listening to the new “barbaric” remix of Virgin Steele’s Visions Of Eden album. It’s excellent. The previous album had a very dense sound but the new version lets the music and the songs breathe and the album is much better for it. That, and a suprisingly agreeable 70p coffee, set me up for the 1.5 hour queue that was to follow.

As I stated in Friday’s New Release post, the must-buy for me was the Def Leppard EP. The cover looks very cool and there’s a neat lyric insert that I wasn’t expecting either. Very nice edition and much better than my old plain-sleeved 7inch reissue.

Thanks to a heads-up from John at 2Loud2oldmusic I decided I also wanted the David Bowie Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74) live set. I had a feeling it might be one of the first to go but I was lucky enough to pick up a copy. Haven’t listened to it yet but the packaging is stunning and I’ve finally got some Luther Vandross in my collection. Bonus!

And that was my lot. Unfortunately, Monorail wasn’t able to get any copies of the Enslaved Roadburn Live and the Cheap Trick Epic Archive 2LP sold out before I reached the counter. Possibly just as well as they were charging a ridiculous £37 for it and it’s out next week on CD anyway. There were other items (Marc Bolan Live, Arthur Brown, Small Faces at the BBC) that I could have easily bought but I’m happy just to have a couple of mementos and not go overboard. I might do the vulture thing tomorrow though and see if any other shops have the Enslaved album!

And that’s us for another year. If you were out today, I hope you got what you were after. Let me know how you got on in the comments. And remember… RSD is just one day a year but Virgin Steele are for LIFE.

46 thoughts on “HMO at Record Store Day 2017”

    1. I talked to a record store owner and he said there are a ton of rules about RSD.
      I paid 17.99. To me all stores in Canada should be that price.
      I wonder if the store that had it at $30 could lose the right to have a RSD.

      In fact I find your old store gouges the RSD prices.
      In fact, they are stuck with RSD stuff from years ago they refuse to discount.

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  1. I’d be tempted to get that Def Leppard album for the cover alone. Not too surprising the live Bowie went so quickly, but still disappointing.
    Nicely done on the coffee! All in all a good Record Store Day!

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      1. I’m surprised shops don’t make it more of an event. It seems a natural fit. Maybe they’re not sure what to do beyond bringing in the vinyl….
        Serving coffee and just getting conversations going in the queues would be a start — and help time pass faster for those waiting.
        I’m with you, I avoid queuing whenever possible.

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      2. I think there was bands and stuff arranged for later. But at this early stage in the day it just seemed like getting in, getting the good stuff and getting out was the aim. Didn’t see anyone really hanging around. I certainly didn’t! I did get a nice cupcake at the counter though…

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      3. I guess people would come out for bands in the afternoon? That seems like a separate event though, since dedicated vinyl-philes would be there when the doors open to get the limited releases.
        Cupcakes! Nice to know they’re putting in some effort. Hope it was chocolate. 🙂

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    1. I think it was pretty much just instant in a takeaway cup! Hit the spot though and… 70p!

      Fopp is still there (and one in the City Centre too) and there’s an Oxfam music shop too. But that’s it. Echo and Lost in Music are good shops but they are gone now.

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  2. I was quite tempted by the Bowie release (I believe there was once an HMO feature, How Tempting!, this would have fit nicely there!) – but couldn’t justify the investment after all.
    Now if they’d had any posters of Virgin Steele…

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    1. The Bowie is pretty much the same set as David Live so not sure how much different/worth hearing it will be. It does have a different band so might be. And it has Luther Vandross!

      Virgin Steel Poster Store Day! The queues for that would be something to behold.

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      1. I would just like to offer my sincere and unlimited apologies for all and anything you may have seen in there. It’s just that I have a real thing for Ben E. Carlos dressed like a ballerina. Please don’t judge me.

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      1. The first one I went to was in Antwerp on holiday about 7 years ago – several record shops were putting live acts on and making a day of it which is how I got intoit via the non queuing element


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