The Day After Record Store Day 2017

Yesterday I said that I was happy to come away from Record Store Day 2017 with a couple of mementos and not go overboard. I also expressed relief at not having to pay £37 for the Cheap Trick Epic Archive set.

Well, it turns out that was UTTER BULLSHIT. Yesterday I visited Glasgow’s Monorail Records and today it occurred to me that I might as well pop over to LoveMusic and see what they had left. I was specifically hoping for the Enslaved Roadburn Live double LP that Monorail didn’t get in stock…

Yippee! I managed to get the Enslaved album… and a very beautiful thing it is. I notice it has an intriguing cover of Zep’s Immigrant Song too. Nice. And then while I was at the counter I found myself saying out loud “you don’t have any of the Cheap Trick left do you?”

He did! The last sealed copy. I couldn’t just leave it there. It was stupidly expensive for a double vinyl though, and I wasn’t lucky enough to get one of the signed inserts. Beh. Truthfully, it’s sets like this that give RSD a bad name but I’m still chuffed to have a copy. Some tracks I already have but also some choice ones that I don’t and the liner notes from Bun E. Carlos look like a good read. Overall, it’s a fine addition to the collection despite my grumblings.

And that is definitely my lot for this year! Definitely.

39 thoughts on “The Day After Record Store Day 2017”

    1. Nah, it’ll be out on CD next week. Even the CD looks like it’s going to be pretty pricey though. Some (most) of the songs are already bonus tracks on other CDs but there are a few here that are pretty hard to find otherwise.


  1. Doesn’t matter HMO…That Trick looks awesome and it wasn’t Cheap but I think for yourself you would kick yourself if you hadn’t got it and went back and ….well we don’t want to think that now do we!
    You and John need to review this if anything for me! HAHA

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      1. I had planned to go with my daughter Lex but as it turns out she has to practice for the We Will Rock You school performance which goes live in about 3 weeks and it basically tied up all of her day and she didn’t get home till after 7 last night and she was bushed….New Day Records the shop here in Tbay was open from 9-8. So I told her that when they do the next one we will hit it for sure…

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  2. Total rip off of the post I’m probably going to write on Tuesday! They were giving away those signed inserts at Probe yesterday, had so many we were just all making paper aeroplanes out of them, using them to start fires etc.

    So is the Cheap Trick basically a B-sides and rarities thing?

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      1. Holy Shit first Ladano and HMO go at over Sloan vs Mr Books and now 1537 and Hmo are it over some Trick like Maniacs…
        This is better than UFC Fight Night!

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  3. You titled this one incorrectly. It oughta have been “Rubbing It In That I Got To Go RSD Shopping TWICE!” Hahahaha it’s all good. Those are some more superb scores.

    You mentioned price. I was asking James about stuff and he told me prices, and I was shocked at the increases. Like, twice what I paid for some RSD stuff in past years. Is this just capitalizing on the craze? Is it all the hipsters’ fault? With regular reissues going up and up in price, is this just our future? Is there a tipping point? Discuss. 😉

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    1. Well, it seems like they’re capitalising on the craze to me. No need for those prices otherwise. But if people are happy to pay (guilty) then they’re hardly going to stop! But I’d say it’s days are numbered if it keeps getting worse. It’s meant to be about supporting physical media and physical stores, not creating scarcity and ripping off punters.


      1. Totally. I was actually shocked. $40 for three songs? Hahaha any other time of the year I’d say get f*cked! So why does this one day make it even seem like something worth thinking about? What is its strange power? I mean, record stores have always been there, for decades. Yeah, they’re disappearing, but apparently not disappearing completely anytime soon.

        Are the bands complicit in all of this, or is this the labels slapping rare stuff out there?

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      2. I wouldn’t pay that much for three songs but… I dunno. It’s just collecting I suppose? Taking part. Making daft decisions cause you queued for ages and want it to have been worth doing? People spend stupid money on rare pressings etc… is that any different?


      3. Collecting is one thing, I’d say. Standing in line for expensive just means you’ll still have to pay expensive if/when you reach the front of the line.

        But rare pressings are one thing, collectible old stuff and that. We’re all in it for the scores on stuff like that.

        Stuff manufactured specifically for this day, with planned scarcity… it’s still fun, and I’ve happily bought RSD releases in the past. But even then, a couple of years ago, I thought it was dear. Now prices are almost double those…

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      4. We’re all in it for the scores on the old stuff… I’m not really. I’d rather have the new version of the Lep EP than pay silly money for an older pressing. How much are you prepared to pay for a rare second hand LP? I’d rather buy new.


      5. New is nice but they charge WAAAAAY too much for it, these days. $35-$55 for a remastered single album? Hahahaha get bent, record companies! I can get old original LPs at my work for $1.*

        * which explains why the Man Cave is a total tip and stuffed to the rafters, at this point.

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