New Releases – 5th May 2017

Another batch of new releases is with us. Not a lot out today but there’s some good stuff for death metal fans.

Full Of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy

I keep hearing great things about this band but the title track from this album is the only song of theirs that I’ve heard so far. It’s a nightmarish grindy noise but with arty vocals and electronic ambience too. It sounds worthy of the rave reviews. Definitely want to hear more.

Hate – Tremendum

This is the tenth album from these Polish veterans. I enjoyed the steady confidence of new track Numinosum a lot so I’m looking forward to hearing more of this. Sounds like good solid stuff from reliable purveyors of satanic death metal.

God Dethroned – The World Ablaze

It’s been seven years since these Dutch death metallers last released an album but now they’re back with this, the third part in their trilogy of WWI-themed albums. I’m not familiar with this band at all… one for fans of Bolt Thrower I’d imagine?

Oranssi Pazuzu – Farmokologinen, Kosmonument, Muukalainen Puhuu (Reissues)

I was introduced to this band by Annie at Blackhaus Art recently. It’s very original, unique stuff. And now here’s some sexy vinyl reissues (from Svart Records and 20 Buck Spin) of some older releases. I think I’ll press on with their newer stuff right now but it’s good to know these are out there! I hate it when you get into a new band just to find out half of their stuff is out-of-print.

And to round things up we’ve also got Swans continuing their run of reissues with a remaster of their 1995 album The Great Annihilator. The 2CD version also comes with Michael Gira’s solo album Drainland, from the same year. And I thought I was actually going to go a whole week without a live   album but here’s The Sword with Greetings From… Not that up on this band but I liked the live version of Maiden, Mother and Crone that I heard. Reminded me of Pentagram!

And that’s the lot. Not the kind of stuff I’ll be running out to buy but I’ll certainly be checking out a few of these online. Anything you’ve got your sights on today? Let me know. Until next week… happy hunting!

42 thoughts on “New Releases – 5th May 2017”

      1. Mainly death! A few samples and odd squelchy bits but very heavily (& heavy) death. TROB = based in black metal but not really BM anymore, rather a majestic, crushing, aeon-spanning exemplar of extreme metal art! Try “Foulest Semen”.

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  1. Not a great week for album covers, is it? Trumpeting Ecstasy running away with it only cause there’s no Afghan Whigs here (where are they? C’mon! Answer me!).

    That Sword live album interests me, though. So too would Swans if I didn’t already have it.

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      1. Haha!

        The art is exceptional, by the way. Gatefold awesomeness. Artwork of the year, do you definitely don’t need any more polls. I’ve decided.

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  2. Had no idea The Sword had a new album coming out. Wonder what it sounds like? What direction has their style taken since Warp Riders, the last one of theirs I really liked? I’m gonna have to find a review of this new one. Thanks for pointing it out!

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