Vampire – With Primeval Force (Review)

This has become a surprise favourite in recent weeks. I had suspected it would be a middling retro genre effort but Vampire have totally surpassed my expectations with their second album With Primeval Force. It’s not original and doesn’t linger in the mind after listening so it doesn’t quite have the makings of a classic… but it’s still one of most enjoyable albums I’ve heard so far this year. And if the band continues in this promising vein, hellish greatness awaits. The ghoulish vocals and melodic riffs bring to mind Tribulation’s album from last year, the myth and magic vibe recalls Dissection and the savage thrash and bash reminds me of Teutonic terrors like Kreator. In fact, if you thought Kreator’s Gods Of Violence album from earlier in the year was a shade too polished then this will be right up your street.

49 thoughts on “Vampire – With Primeval Force (Review)”

  1. That is a nightmare inducing album cover. I’m listening to the track now, and looking at that cover art. The riffs are deadly and I’m hallucinating hills and trees on fire coming to get me!

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      1. I have heard rumours of a great metat master that for a short period teased his puppets with a album cover vote, then took it away without warning. Never to be seen again.

        Who would do such an evil thing, and how does he sleep at night?

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    1. Yeah definitely. I like the Kreator album too, it’s got plenty of speed and aggression. I just wish it wasn’t so slick. I like that this is a bit more rough and ready like the earlier Kreator stuff. The songs are more memorable on the new Kreator album though.


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