Gregg Allman (1947 – 2017)

I’m very sad to hear the news tonight about the passing of Gregg Allman. The Allman Brothers Band have been a huge part of my musical life since I discovered them in the 90s. I got into them through my love of Pride & Glory-era Zakk Wylde and a keen interest to find out more about all that southern rock stuff that he was banging on about. And, with all due respect to Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band were the greatest southern rock act: the titans of the genre. My initial love was mainly based around the fabulous guitar jamming on albums like At Fillmore East and Brothers & Sisters but it didn’t take long to cotton on to the joys of the soulful vocals of Gregg and to develop a late night obsession with his sublime solo album Laid Back and an absolutely timeless catalogue of incredible songwriting. Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More, Please Call Home, Midnight Rider, Melissa, Dreams, Wasted Words, End Of The Line… and countless more. Time goes by like hurricanes but the circle will stay unbroken. People will be listening to his beautiful songs and voice forever. Thanks, Gregg.

[The Allman Brothers Band – Aint’ Wastin’ Time No More]

44 thoughts on “Gregg Allman (1947 – 2017)”

  1. Sad news. Only started exploring The Allman Brothers, but really liking what I’ve been hearing.

    Hope you’re holding up okay and those Allman sounds are helping a bit.

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      1. First I played the first two – often overlooked but really strong. Then a couple I don’t know quite as well, Win Lose or Draw (which I enjoyed a lot) and Enlightened Rogues (a bit underwhelming). So for a burst of Allman groove I went for Eat A Peach. Laid Back is out for a morning spin tomorrow.

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      2. Yes. ‘Playing up a storm’ and an interesting double entitled ‘The Gregg Allman Band Live on Tour’. Oh, and I also have ‘Allman and Woman’ but if you tell anyone, I’ll set the dogs of war on you.

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  2. I just listened to Beginnings.

    It is the first 2 albums on one 2 lp set. Lovely.
    And my 43 yr old set is virtully unplayed. It sounds lovely. I may do a write up. Those 2 albums definitely influenced Joe Cocker (RIP), and Leon Russel (RIP).
    Getting old and watching your heroes blows dead bears.

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  3. Zakk Wylde. Boy, that’s a name I haven’t heard in conjunction with the ABB in a while. I know that he played with them maybe once or twice, never really fit in stylistically. Filled in for Dickey or somebody.

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    1. That’s right! I don’t think it went down all that well haha. Not a great fit despite his enthusiasm for the band. But I have to credit him as my gateway into southern rock. I got into a lot of good stuff via his recommendations in interviews etc…

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      1. I’ve not really followed him for quite a while. But it’s interesting… I got into so much music by reading guitar mags. Finding out about the people I liked and who they were influenced by… and working back.


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