New Akercocke Album Renaissance In Extremis Due In August

The return of eccentric extremists Akercocke in 2016 had me praising Satan like nobody’s business. Their new song Inner Sanctum was wonderful and I had a great time finally catching them live in Manchester.

Now they’ve announced the details of their upcoming new album Renaissance In Extremis and revealed the song Disappear that will open the highly-anticipated comebAK album.

It’s great stuff. Not as immediate as Inner Sanctum but it’s a tantalising taster for the album and proves that the band still has the knack for twisty-turny progressive death metal madness. Better yet, the pre-orders are up at Peaceville Records and the album will be available in a 3CD deluxe 60-page hardback with two bonus discs of rare recordings, demos, live tracks, cover versions and more!

Exciting news. The album is out on 25th August and promises to be a musical highlight of 2017. Hail Lucifer!

42 thoughts on “New Akercocke Album Renaissance In Extremis Due In August”

      1. … I’ve listened to this again, busy the way. Some bits I just didn’t expect. Still very much confused by my feelings about it.

        I like the artwork, though.

        I much prefer the new Queens of the Stone Age track.

        *sorry, couldn’t help myself *

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      2. Are QOTSA using Mark Ronson to try and get a crossover pop hit? I really hope not.
        I think I’ll read the reviews first.
        As for the new single, I’m not feeling it.
        Also, that video with the lie detector lowered my iq by at least 2 points.
        Homme may be too far gone from his Kyuss days for my liking.

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