UPCOMING ALBUMS: Cradle Of Filth, Enslaved, Samael and more

It’s time for another nosey through the release schedule. Here’s a selection of some upcoming albums that are taking my fancy.

Cradle Of Filth – Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness Of Decay

I’m properly out of touch with Cradle Of Filth’s career but their newer material has been getting a lot of praise and I’m in a Filth-y mood lately so it’s about time I got bally well caught up. Good timing too as their latest album is due on September 22nd 2017 and their new track Heartbreak And Séance is an insanely likeable taster. I wasn’t expecting to be looking forward to this one so much.

Enslaved – E

New Enslaved albums are always noteable but I’ve not been totally diverted by any of their albums since Vertebrae (which I totally love). I’ve bought all the subsequent releases but I tend not to get much more out of them than a couple of good tracks. I hope that Es are indeed good and this album bucks that trend but, on the basis of new track Storm Son, I’m not expecting much.

Samael – Hegemony

I’m new to this band and I’ve only heard their (superb) earlier material. I gather their style has come a long way since then so wasn’t sure what to expect from their current stuff. The new track Angel Of Wrath has got me right onboard though. A bit like modern Satyricon, it seems uninteresting initially and then BAM. I’m hooked. And the more I hear it the more I like it.

Fleurety – The White Death

The avant-garde Norweirdos return with their first album in an age. Fleurety feature former members of Mayhem and Dødheimsgard while Czral-Michael Eide of Virus/Aura Noir is now in the band too. If that’s not enough to get your attention, check out new song Lament Of The Optimist. Compelling, eccentric, addictive stuff. Release date: 27th October.

Spectral Voice – Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing

Unfamiliar with this band’s music but know their name from their connection with Blood Incantation, whose album Starspawn made my Top 10 last year. And it seems like Spectral Voice’s debut album (released on 13th October) might be this year’s equivalent: filthy, guttural, otherworldy death metal. My kind of thing.

Europe – Walk The Earth

The Swedes are one of a dwindling number of classic rock acts that I still give a fuck about. The last album War Of Kings was a pretty sterling effort with a few monster tunes. And the new single has the epic feel of that album’s best stuff so I’m up for this. It’s out on 20th October and the digibook features a bonus documentary on DVD.

And that’s quite enough for one post. There are other exciting albums due but I’ll hold off on those until there are songs available to sample.

44 thoughts on “UPCOMING ALBUMS: Cradle Of Filth, Enslaved, Samael and more”

      1. No I don’t. It was Tommy Morais for guest-reviewed it for me, and then things got…carried away. LOL. And when War of Kings came out, that’s when I bought the Japanese version of Bag of Bones!

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      2. Yeah he gave the album a glowing review before the conspiracy theory started, and then I poked the bear with the fake review.

        If I’m not mistaken there was a reissue of War of Kings, so sometimes it pays to wait.

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      3. Yeah, it certainly does. There was a version with a live DVD (or BluRay) that came out. Couldn’t really bring myself to buy it all over again. If you decide to get it, check and see if Amazon does the “Auto Rip”. You might get the DVD tracks as audio that way too.

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      4. The only issue might be Amazon itself. I don’t think .ca does downloads, and .com doesn’t allow downloads to Canadian IP addresses. Thanks, Trump.**

        ** that was sarcasm, I’m trying to be funny.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree on the Enslaved perception. I am a die hard fan too. I have seen them four times and met them when they toured with friends. Great gentleman, but the last few albums didn’t do it for me.

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      1. I think it sounds similar to the track Bounded by Allegiance off of Isa at times. Then at about 6 minutes in it starts to gain my interest. It’s a bit winded though too. It’s a great track, just nothing spectacular like Path to Vanir or the whole Isa album.
        The video remind me of the Ah Ha video for Take On Me but metal and apocalyptic haha.

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  2. I bought War of Kings on iTunes the deluxe edition which features the whole live show from that tour.
    Look forward to hearing this album as it sounds like there once again doing the UFO/Purple mash up..!

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  3. Some right evil selections in here! I dare say the only one that would be accessible for me is that Europe album, and even then I haven’t ever bothered with them (I can’t tell if you guys are serious about liking them).

    … I also had no idea Cradle of Filth was still a thing! You don’t spot as many offensive tees anymore…

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