Lady Death – New Tribulation EP To Be Released In Dec 2017

A double-whammy of release news from the excellent Swedish band Tribulation. January 26th 2018 will see the release of a new full-length album entitled Down Below. And, if you just can’t wait that long for new Tribulation music, then they will be releasing a brand new 7” EP on December 22nd 2017 called Lady Death.

The EP, their first release with new drummer Oscar Leander, will include album track Lady Death and also a B-Side track called Skärselden. The artwork is also from Tribulation’s guitarist Jonathan Hultén and is pretty nifty. You can pre-order the usual rainbow varieties of vinyl colours from the label website here or the band’s own merch site here.

The band’s last album The Children Of The Night was one of the better, more durable releases of recent years so it’s exciting to have the band back. My only question is… I’ve seen a few bands do this recently… since when did one A-Side track and one B-Side track constitute an EP? Answers in the comments please.

10 thoughts on “Lady Death – New Tribulation EP To Be Released In Dec 2017”

  1. Question: “..since when did one A-side track and one B-side track constitute an EP?”

    I Tunes answer : The release is 1 to 3 tracjs, one or more of the tracks is over 10 minutes, and the entire album is less than 30 minutes.

    My answer: Never

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      1. The millenials may be the biggest buyers of these new “EP”. No offence to any of these lot, but they are not the sharpest tools in the shed.
        I can imagine they would assume a single means 1 song to them.
        Also, the record companies can call it an EP all willy nilly and charge more.
        Maybe some coloured vinyl and even more. (I hate to admit I fall for that one all the time because coloured vinyl pellets cost more obviously)
        Oooops. Too late.

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  2. I think it’ perfectly timed, a single* and then the album a month later. Whet the appetite and then bring on the feast once anticipation is high! Well done.

    * As for two songs constituting an EP? That’s a single!


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