Holy Terror – Blood Of The Saints (Song)

Here’s some obscure and fantastic 80s thrash for you! A lively and infectious banger from Holy Terror’s 1987 debut album Terror And Submission.

The whole album is superb, a ripping combination of thrash and speed metal. The band already has a unique sound but there are plenty of enjoyable, familiar elements: Megadeth’s fretboard mayhem, Exodus’ violence and the high-speed catchiness of classic Accept and early Helloween.

Terror And Submission has recently been reissued by Dissonance Productions as a standalone vinyl edition or as part of the 4CD/DVD boxset Total Terror which is the version I picked up recently. It’s an essential set that contains every album these overlooked L.A. thrashers ever released (Terror And Submission, 1988’s Mind Wars, 2006’s El Revengo and Live Terror). It also comes with a DVD with the Judas Reward promo vid and live sets from Milwaukee, Chicago and Anaheim. A phenomenally great value set at around £20.

I already had this album and Mind Wars as part of an older double-CD set on Candlelight Records. Unfortunately, that edition had mis-labelled CDs and a mastering glitch on Judas Reward, which put me off spending much time with the albums. So I’m totally delighted with Dissonance Productions’ new, fixed and remastered collection and look forward to finally giving Holy Terror the attention they deserve.

[Holy Terror – Blood Of The Saints]


14 thoughts on “Holy Terror – Blood Of The Saints (Song)”

  1. Etiquette question – I remember at one point, it was a faux pas to wear the band’s shirt to the concert of the band you were going to see.
    What’s the generally accepted policy on a band member wearing his own band’s shirt?!

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  2. I will buy this. Its number one in my Thrash ti do list. I also want Flotsam&Jetsam’s 3rd album, Atrophy’s 2nd and the two Toxik albums. Although I cant find any of em apart from Toxik.

    Also Destruction cds are hard to get for cheap.
    I always thought these guys were German, who am I thinking of? Holy Moses? Mekong Delta?

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    1. Probably Holy Moses your thinking of. They were definitely German!

      I’ve got the early Destruction CDs up to a point… feel like their stuff is due a reissue. You should get this set, it’s really cheap for what’s in it and it’s brill.


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