Buying Round-Up: New Albums, Reissues, Box Sets and Vinyl!

Not done a collection post for a while so I thought I’d share some highlights from the last couple of months’ buying activity.

I might as well start with the most recent purchases. The big new one is Iron Maiden’s latest live album The Book Of Souls – Live Chapter. I love how the packaging matches the deluxe book format of the studio album, the two together make a lovely set. Musically, this is the most excited I’ve been about a Maiden live release for a while too: the cream of their last album, some really well chosen oldies that fit in well with the new stuff and a great job on the production and mixing.

I’m also very pleased to finally have a copy of The Obsessed’s S/T debut album. This is the only one of their albums that I’m missing in my collection so I’m well-chuffed to finally have a copy… and with a ton of ace bonus tracks too. And while I was picking that up I treated myself to Saxon’s 10 Years Of Denim & Leather too. This is a CD/DVD repackaging of the Greatest Hits Live! album and video so nothing new for me here. But it’s a nice package and… it’s Saxon innit.

Got two massively enjoyable box sets recently too. Whitesnake’s 1987 30th Anniversary Edition is superb value, stuffed with goodies, handsome booklets and loads of bonus tracks. The best of which is the 87 Evolutions disc which is worth the price of admission on its own: a fascinating insight into the early versions of each song and the progression from the initial writing sessions to the finished article. The only (minor) let down is the perfunctory DVD doc on the making of the album.

And I also got folk overload from the new Pentangle set The Albums: 1968-1972 which is one of the best things I’ve bought this year. Superb albums from a genuine supergroup, great sound, gazillions of wonderful bonus tracks and a lovely booklet too. I previously had The Time Has Come box set, which is good, but I much prefer hearing the albums as they were and this new set is a revelation. Can’t stop listening to it.

On the extreme metal front, I picked up the very limited CD edition of the new The King Is Blind album We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer and got a nice note from the singer Steve Tovey too! He’s a good lad. The new Satyricon album Deep Calleth Upon Deep was a must-buy and is another fine release from the black metal veterans. And, after picking up the recent Holy Terror box set that I posted about recently, I decided to round it off by finally picking up Guardians Of The Netherworld: A Tribute to Keith Deen. This collection of demo and live tracks makes for an excellent archive release and a wonderful memorial to the band’s late vocalist.

I’ve not been buying much vinyl lately but I’m very pleased to have grabbed the new vinyl edition of Paradise Lost’s Live At The Roundhouse. Recorded at the band’s 25th Anniversary show in London, this 2013 live album was originally released through the Abbey Road Live website but was a bit too pricey for my liking. This new live set is much better value and a lovely addition to my PL collection. I’m chuffed to finally have a copy and the set list is awesome!

Hope you enjoyed this look through these new additions to the HMO Vault! All of these releases come with the HMO goodness guarantee. Get involved.

31 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up: New Albums, Reissues, Box Sets and Vinyl!”

  1. Nice little tidy of a writeup Sir!
    The Maiden is brilliant. They totally stepped up on this release with the production and packaging …
    Whitesnake as well and its excellent to see bands doing deluxe right and not rehashing the same stuff over an over…
    Have you gotten Priests Turbo reissue yet? The live portion is excellent,,,,

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  2. Amazing! Look at all of that goodness! The Obsessed and Paradise Lost albums have my spider senses tingling. The Maiden set does look grand, but think I’d be opting for the no-frills no thrills jewel case edition. Just to have it… but aye, the Pentangle box looks really nice and that Whitesnake box has definitely been put together with care, eh?

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    1. I got the Maiden for a tenner on Amazon but it’s went back up to £20 now which is a wee bit much for 2 CDs. Don’t think I’d have bought it at that price.

      The Whitesnake box is a much better job than I expected. They really put a lot of care and thought into it. Way more interesting and much less expensive than the recent Def Leppard box.

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      1. As much as I try to avoid using them, Amazon’s prices are just too good sometimes. I think the no-frills-no-thrills jewel case CD is £8 on there, so I’ll likely nab that… just to have it really.

        But yeah, that Whitesnake set should be the standard for those type of releases. If you really need to mark the anniversary of a release then make sure there’s a bit of effort gone into it. None of this “5 bonus discs of exclusive tracks the band didn’t like enough to release at the time”.

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      1. “When” Santa brings it, he says. “When”. Implying Scott knows something that I don’t.

        OK fess up. What’s your connection to the man in the big red suit? What do you know?

        Check Scott’s passport, I’ll be willing to bet he has an abnormal number of flights to the North Pole. Nothing suspicious there folks right?

        I’m on to you.

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  3. It’s official – the maiden set, based on the unanimous reviews I’ve read from the blogging community, is a keeper!
    And I was thinking of you after a show this weekend HMO (A Canadian group, Arkells) – they didn’t play a few of their old beloved hits, they played a bunch from their new album that I don’t have.
    But by your concert criteria of the new stuff sounding amazing, and by wow-ing with that and not relying on the previous hits, the concert was a huge success!

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  4. Holy mackerel, HMO, is this a buying round-up or a friggin’ What I Got For Christmas post??? SO MUCH GOODNESS!!

    Fully agreed on the Maiden set, it’s awesome. A Saxon comp? Man, that might be just the ticket for me finally getting my feet wet, eh? Also love the personalized note. That’s so cool.

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    1. Don’t think I’d recommend starting with this as a Saxon taster though… go with a studio comp. Or just get Wheels Of Steel and Strong Arm Of The Law and go from there! There was a comp just released called Demons & Eagles (or something like that) that looks decent.


  5. Sweet! Caught Maiden on this tour, and again that concert was not chosen for the live album! Arg! One of these days! Anyway, great album, great tour, as always from Maiden!

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