New Songs From Watain, Saxon, Portal and Tribulation

There have been a few new tracks premiered online recently and a few are from upcoming albums that I’ve reported on but didn’t have any music available to share at the time. So I thought I’d share them here now! Let me know what you think and, if you’ve heard any good new tracks yourself, please share in the comments.

Watain – Nuclear Alchemy

As statements of intent go, Watain’s new song and video takes some beating. They’ll never admit it but this comes across like they’re trying very hard to make up for their disappointing previous album The Wild Hunt with bile, chaos, blood, fire, explosions and a liberal sprinkling of evil. Their new album Trident Wolf Eclipse (due Jan 2018) will reveal if they’re overcompensating or not but this track is undeniably exciting.

Saxon – Thunderbolt

The HMO-faves introduce their upcoming album with the title track and it’s the kind of heavy and hooky Euro-metal that they’re known for now. The Accept-esque backing vocals are the only mildly surprising feature. I’m not so sure about those. But Saxon always pick safe, solid singles to promote their new albums and this is no exception. Choose from a bewilderingly-expensive selection of PledgeMusic offers here.

Portal – Phreqs

I’ve only got a couple of Portal albums and I have mixed feelings about them, veering from indifferent to enthralled. Sometimes in a single sitting. Sometimes in the course of a single song! I’m sure these weirdos wouldn’t want it any other way. Their new song Phreqs from upcoming album Ion (due Jan 2018) continues this tradition. A smothering swarm of buzzy bee riffs that’s fascinating and sickening all at once. I’m surprised they’re not aiming for the Xmas No. 1 with this, to be honest.

Tribulation – The Lament

I really enjoyed Tribulation’s last album and have been looking forward to more from them but new track The Lament is a bit underwhelming. The production is fantastic but there’s no real song in there and the riffs and melodies all sound a bit stock to my ears. Hopefully the album will have more substance.

20 thoughts on “New Songs From Watain, Saxon, Portal and Tribulation”

  1. Phrases Lars Ulrich Uses, when I review Metallica I may have to borrow that tag HMO!
    Interesting to read about the Waintain track:
    a) for the liberal sprinkling of evil, fun visual of a chef looking for just the right quantities in the recipe
    b) the idea of overcompensating for the previous disappointment.
    I can picture some of my favourites having that sort of over-reaction to a previous album (previous album too accessible? new album tries TOO hard to bury melodies!) and interesting to read that metal (and I imagine most if not all genres) artists may make similar follow-up decisions

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  2. Oooft. All sorts of metal slabs here, eh? Watain, though… what the fuck?? Saxon track is fairly unremarkable, but like you say, their lead-off single tends to be that way. And you weren’t kidding about the expensive Pledge ‘offers’ – £18 for a CD and £35 for vinyl??

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      1. It is a standard edition, yeah… I think the other CD is £25!? Who pays £25 for a CD these days? Jings. Hold off for a few weeks and you’ll find it on the walls of Fopp for £5!

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  3. I’m a huge Saxon fan and collect everything (if I can) but when I saw the Pledge prices I was hugely disappointed. Ridiculously expensive and you don’t get much in the way of anything exclusive. I also agree that the single is a bit underwhelming but, as you said, waiting for the album is probably the best thing to do. I’ll be honest and say I think Biff is trying to cash in as much as possible before they call it a day in 3-4 years

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    1. Hey Richard, thanks for reading. I’m glad it’s not just me that’s put out by the prices on offer. I’m not sure where they get £25 for a 2CD edition from. I’d expect it to be signed at least for that sort of cash, but that costs another tenner! I agree that it looks they’re cashing in while they still can. Can’t blame them I suppose but it’s a shame.


  4. That Watain song is crazy! Rarrrgh! The Saxon video was weird – it’s a studio track but live footage! Whut!

    The Portal is too much for delicate little me. The Tribulation is alright but sounds a little… tame for our HMO? I dunno, it didn’t have an edge or something, like they had all the elements and were just going through the motions. Interesting.

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