It’s 2018 and the Priest is back!

Happy New Year everyone! What better way to get the 2018 HMO ball rolling than with some brand spanking new music? So here’s the new Judas Priest single Lightning Strike from their upcoming album Firepower.

You’ll no doubt have heard this already, so what do you think? I’ve listened to it a few times now and I’m pretty impressed. The co-production from Andy Sneap and the returning Tom Allom is a tremendous improvement over the previous album, the disappointing Redeemer Of Souls. Boaby Halford sounds totally rejuvenated too and signs with grit and power. It’s just got that classic Screaming For Vengeance era classic Priest vibe to it.

Whether the rest of the album lives up to the promise is another thing entirely but, based on the quality of this Lightning Strike, I’m way more excited about the release of Firepower than I expected to be.

Firepower is due out on 9th March 2018 and can be pre-ordered here.

68 thoughts on “It’s 2018 and the Priest is back!”

      1. There are only 2 versions so far.
        Black for everyone, and limited red only available at HMV UK, and will only ship to UK addresses.
        Also regular cd and super deluxe cd.
        Super deluxe is just fancy packaging, no extra songs.
        I will keep my eye on Japan for extra songs. No listing yet.

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    1. Rob’s voice sounds like the 80’s heyday.
      I can only assume he really had to work on it.
      It’s been a much lower tone for over a decade.
      If he could pull off those screams at a live show in 2018, I would spring for front row tickets.

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      1. I wrongly assumed after seeing Priest live, and hearing him sing on the Dio tribute album, that his 80’s voice was gone.
        I am really happy and actually quite amazed at they way his voice has gone back in time.

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      2. There’s been wee impressive moments here and there but, overall, I agree. Just hope he keeps this up for the whole album. I did read Andy Sneap say he was singing great but I just took it with a pinch of salt. But now I’m starting to think he might be right…

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      1. HA!
        Its good to see a bunch of peeps around here digging this. I seen the preorder on iTunes and pretty impressive 14 tracks deep….
        I will wait once the reviews start popping up on WordPress before I take the plunge. Having said that this past year fellow blogger reviews made me purchase Cooper/Purple/Styx and Cheap Trick on there thoughts….

        I won’t dismiss it totally as its only one song ..but man it just has that Ram It Down Allom production….

        Or perhaps I’m deaf..hahaha

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      2. Scott, My thing with Priest is for me that bar was set real high from Unleashed through to even Turbo.
        I don’t mind that first album back they did with Robbo..frigg can’t remember the name of it but it did have that goofy Lochness track or whatever the fuck it was…but it was overall a decent album….

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      3. I quite liked that one too… don’t go back to it much though. And I wasn’t fussed about the last two either. I’m with you… not been that bothered since Defenders (Painkiller is OK but not as good as everyone thinks it is). Just hoping this will be a bit more life that older stuff. Maybe I’m hoping for too much. Probably.

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    1. I will be doing a review of an album later.that I HATED the single on.
      I still hate it to this day over 20 years later, but I finally listened to the album and I love the rest.
      Funny how one song can turn us off, you know.
      I also know what you mean about buying albums based on the say of other bloggers.
      I love reading your blogs as much as my accountant hates it.

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  1. I’m not a big Priest fan, but I really liked Redeemer of Souls. That said, I prefer Screaming and Defenders… and there’s definitely something here that reminds me of that stuff… not sure what I make of it, though.

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    1. Sounds like you need to hear more Priest! I prescribe Unleashed in the East, Sad Wings of Destiny and Stained Class.

      But yeah, I like it. It’s not blowing me away. I just think the sound and vibe bodes well. I bit like we were saying a whole back about Saxon singles. They don’t amaze you but just give you a wee taste. I much prefer this to the Redeemer songs I heard first.

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  2. Awesome. I keep on thinking that this could easily fit on ‘British Steel’ without no problem the more I listen to it.

    And is it that, on my phone, I’ve put reminders for when albums are coming out?

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    1. I had a few listens too. I instantly liked the sound and vibe but took a few goes to appreciate the writing. I’ll leave it alone now until the album comes out. That’s great you’re seeing them. First time? Or have you seen them before?


  3. I, for one, welcome back our Judas Priest overlords! I like this track a lot! It’s tight, has good energy, and that chugging riff. I hope it bodes well for the rest of the record too!

    I do recommend listening to it and not watching the video, though. Why was Boaby waving hands around like that? I couldn’t watch him! Haha

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      1. Good news.
        There is a limited edition orange w/black speckle 2lp version on the JP website I think I will order.
        The price even shipped in is about the same as the black 2lp available on Amazon.
        The cd Japan version is 1 cd blu spec. No extra songs.

        There is also a Nuclear Blast clear vinyl version but very expensive shipped in

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  4. ..TBH doesn’t do an awful lot for me either – with Deke on this one; it’s nice enough, no more no less. But that looks like KK on the video – is it ?

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