New Releases – 2nd February 2018

There’s a metric shit-ton of stuff out today. Probably. I wouldn’t really know, because all I care about is Saxon! Are there any Saxon albums out today? YOU BET THERE ARE.

Saxon – Thunderbolt

Saxon continue to pump out consistently good to great metal albums these days, with just enough curveballs thrown to keep things from getting stale. Here’s the latest. I listened to the title track precisely once and I’ve avoided any other previews so this will all be exciting and new to me. Various versions as always… the big super cashectomy box has the same songs repeated over and over on different formats along with a bunch of knick-knacks. The main bonus seems to be a live bootleg disc that you can get in the aforementioned box, or via a few of the options on their PledgeMusic page.

And that’s it! The only release that matters today. I’ve got to say, 2018 has got off to a pretty amazing start. Three albums out already (Watain, Tribulation and hopefully Saxon) that are all likely AOTY contenders. Not too shabby.

Let me know what you’re buying today in the comments. Up for some Saxon or is there something else you’ve got yer eye on?

31 thoughts on “New Releases – 2nd February 2018”

  1. You boys should make the trip to N.A as Saxon is everywhere with Priest…
    Look forward to your thoughts on the Saxon album Scott…
    The other day heard ‘Crusader” on XM…great song.

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  2. I will be buying the new COC vinyl. The limited independent store version was delayed. I’m hoping it’s in today.

    I may snag a Saxon if I see one.

    I’m getting slightly perturbed with bands that force fans to buy the untra expensive boxsets to get one rare item. Often buying the same songs for the umpteenth time.

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    1. Me too. In this case the individual CDs and LPs come with the bonus disc too so its not as bad. Still, buying it through the pledge site is quite a bit overpriced though if I’m honest. They were also offering video content but you had to buy the album each time to get it?! No thanks.

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  3. Just listening to it now. They have always been my favourite band and I have an obscene Saxon collection. Seen them 54 times live and I can’t get enough. I love ’em

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  4. There was nothing released for me to spend my money on, but there’s always stuff for me to spend money on. I actually forgot all about this, but I’ll definitely be checking it out soon.

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  5. Have you checked out Black Label Society’s Grimmest Hits yet? You may enjoy the Sabbath influence on the album. As for the Saxon album, I really enjoyed some of the tracks on Thunderbolt. Saxon has done a great job consistently producing good music over the course of 40 years!

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