New Releases – 9th February 2018

New release Friday! Today we’ve got a big release from Metal Blade and an exciting batch of reissued thrash. German thrash… the best kind.

‘Are these my hooves?’

Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath

While I’m a bit sceptical about the true metal resurgence, Visigoth’s debut album The Revenant King was definitely one of the better albums of the movement. I found it a bit long winded but there was evident promise and talent there. So I’m keen to check out the US band’s follow-up Conqueror’s Oath. A quick glance at running times bodes well and I’m hearing good things about this one. Not sure about that horse on the cover though…

Destruction – Reissues

The excellent High Roller Records are reissuing a batch of classic albums from the German thrash masters Destruction. The reissues come with original artwork, bonus photos, a mini-poster, slip cases and a quality remastering job. The run of albums and EPs here (Sentence Of Death, Infernal Overkill, Eternal Devastation, Mad Butcher, Release From Agony, Live Without Sense and Cracked Brain) is beyond essential. Some of my very favourite thrash albums right there. They’ve been out-of-print on CD for a while so, if you don’t have them, now’s your chance. I’ve got them already but I’ll buy them again! If CDs aren’t your bag the label also put out vinyl versions last year that look awesome too.

That’s the lot for me. Let me know what you’re after today in the comments.

20 thoughts on “New Releases – 9th February 2018”

  1. I’m really liking the Visigoth album. Been listening to it on and off for a few weeks! As for the Destruction re-issues, they are essential for any thrash fan who doesn’t already have them!

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      1. Simple answer is the songs are better on this one. They’ve grown as a band. I can’t justify buying the Destruction albums again. I already need a bigger house for all my music lol. I sometimes struggle with the ‘Remaster’ tag. Some albums are superbly remastered but others don’t sound that different and there are some that really don’t need to be touched! I’ve not heard these particular ones yet so cannot comment on the sound but they should be in any thrash fans collection whether they are these new versions or the originals.

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      2. That’s what I was hoping you’d say about the new one. Look forward to hearing it.

        Totally get where you coming from with Destruction and remasters. Agree they are all essential albums in any case! Brilliant band.


  2. Alternate caption for the Visigoth cover pic: “Hey lads, check out my bitchin’ hooficure!”

    I’ve never heard of either of these bands, but I still found myself excited about all of the Destruction re-releases because that looks like an awesome effort!

    Poor HMO’s VISA. Gonna take a beating, with all of this metal…

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  3. “Are these my hooves?” Haha! Aye, I’m not sure about that horse either… that’s the kinda cover art that’d put me off an album (and it does).

    … and then there’s Eternal Devastation… that’s the kinda thing the cover art makes me want to buy.

    As for Friday releases I was after… All Souls. I didn’t bother in the end, though. Another day. I also learned Fu Manchu released a new one, so I’ll look out for that too.

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    1. I thought it was an OK cover until I spotted the horse. What a shite horse! I would have forgiven them if they’d renamed the album ‘Shite Horse’.

      I always loved how all the guys on the Eternal Devastation cover have exactly the same hair. Now that’s a band!

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