New Releases – 16th February 2018

I relaunched these New Releases posts with the intention of being ruthlessly selfish in my coverage, only highlighting the new stuff that I’m genuinely interested in. I told myself that I would know I was doing this right if there were weeks where there was absolutely nothing worth covering. So, just a few weeks into the relaunch, it seems I’m doing it right. Cause there’s hee haw bugger aw* out today!

The quandary then is, what do I do when this happens? I reckon I’ll just post a tune or two. So here’s a fantastic song from In Solitude’s Sister album. I mentioned this album in my recent review of Tribulation’s Down Below and it occurred to me that some folk might not know about it. Sister was my top album of 2013 (before I started posting about such things). I reckon it’s an overlooked masterpiece that not enough people know about. Although, in fairness, the band didn’t exactly help matters by splitting up not long after it was released.

[In Solitude – Pallid Hands]

Any new stuff you’re interested in today? Let me know in the comments. Hope you all have a great weekend.

[Gamma Ray – Free Time]


36 thoughts on “New Releases – 16th February 2018”

  1. There are several releases today in my review pile that are worth mentioning. Empiresfall (Early Slayer/Thrash worship), Sainted Sinners (US Hard Rock), Thaurorod (Epic Power Metal), Novareign (Folk/Viking Epic Power Metal) & Odcult (70’s Heavy Rock/Sabbath). You have a great weekend too! \m/

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  2. In Solitude – He Comes is one of my favorite songs this year that I’ve come across. I’m so happy someone else is a fan. Can’t get a lot of people into them. I don’t get it,… glad I’m not alone.

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  3. It’s OK there’s nowt this week… you probably have a backlog of awesomeness to catch up on anyway, right? At least, that’s how it perpetually is around here for me, so I just assume everyone else is in the same boat…

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