New Releases – 23rd February 2018

It’s time for my intensely selective look at the day’s new releases. I’m all about the reissues today but, before we get to those…

Solstice – White Horse Hill (Download)

Not technically one of today’s “new releases” but it did only just appear on Bandcamp a couple of days ago. And, as this is an extremely exciting and long-awaited release, I thought I might just include it anyway! Anyone desperate for a shot of epic doom folklore (and that’s really everyone, right?) should definitely check this out. The UK band have put out some splendid releases in the past and it’s been twenty(!) years since their last full length*. CDs and vinyl will be released soon but I have no exact release date at the moment.

Kreator – Coma Of Souls (2CD), Renewal, Cause For Conflict and Outcast (2CD)

Noise Records continue their busy, and excellent, reissue program with this second batch of Kreator albums. I thoroughly enjoyed the last batch so I’m well up for these. There’s a good bunch of bonus tracks to be had here and a couple of albums I haven’t heard before too. Might not buy them all in one swoop but I’ll definitely buy them all eventually.

Venom Prison – Animus (Deluxe Edition)

This British death metal band made big waves with this debut album back in 2016. Now it gets an expanded reissue with bonus live tracks. I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy it first time round. Almost did a couple of times but, even when it was only £8 in HMV, I couldn’t quite commit. Dunno why. Glad I didn’t now.

And that’s the lot. Anything you’re interested in today? Let me know in the comments.

*I originally wrote 5 years but I forgot their last release was an EP, not an album.

29 thoughts on “New Releases – 23rd February 2018”

      1. I always try and buy in Probe Records first, unless there’s a massive price differential (which throws my morals out of the window), but yeah I do – they have some surprisingly initeresting stuff.

        I bought a Sleep album in there.

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      2. I do find it a bit pricey for vinyl but that’s the same everywhere. Some stuff isn’t bad. I bought a Sleep one there! And some of the Maiden reissues. But I mostly buy CDs there though. Definitely more thought put into the selection these days. They had a Sacrilege album the other day! Pestilence too!

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  1. Now, I’m confident that none of this is my jam, but that Solstice cover is a brilliant.

    … and my word! That Animus cover is disturbing. I’m glad I didn’t see that before heading to bed last night(this morning). Horrific.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sticking with that Apple Music after a trial, cause it allows me to soak up all the music you lot throw at me… so I’ll be investigating this Solstice lot.

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