New Releases – 2nd March 2018

Not a lot going on this week but the release schedule is not totally devoid of intrigue. There is a new album The Banished Heart from gothic doom types Oceans Of Slumber and the new album Resurrection from Michael Schenker Fest. Neither are must-buy slam dunks for me but definitely worth checking out.

And, not a new release as such, but HMO-faves Voices have unveiled a new track entitled Dead Feelings. During the week the band FINALLY announced the details of the follow-up to their colossal 2014 album London. It’ll be out on April 27th and will be called Frightened. You will be.

That’s all the excitements for this week, let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’re all hyped about today. Some big releases next week. See you then.

(Voices – Frightened: Pre-order CD/LP/MC here)

22 thoughts on “New Releases – 2nd March 2018”

  1. MSG’s Warrior track has been hooked in my ear for a few weeks. I like how all the different singers co-operated on the vocals. It actually gave me goose bumps which is kinda rare for me. When the Schenker intro gives way to the main riff, I’m loving it.

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  2. I love MSG…that is MSG from 1980-1985. Everything else I just cannot wrap my Mellon around. Ok Perfect Timing had its moments but that was tailor-made for the North American market as it was pretty damn glossy…
    I’m kinda burnt on this whole different singer ala Santana vocal swap of different fellas between tracks…
    I’m just old!

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      1. I basically bought all his 80s output and once MSG was shelved I was out…
        The first three MSG albums and the Budokan are brilliant…even Built To Destroy had its moments but that was where Mikey was headed for the commercial success and singer in and singer out routine

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      2. Too be honest thats all u need Scott as from Built To Destroy and the McCauley stuff the first record Perfect Timing was ok As I recall but the one that followed Save Yourself was not good and that was it…good to see he’s cleaned up and always a funny read as he continually slams Rudolf now…haha

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  3. I am, in fact, now sitting here listening to the London album on the tubes of you. Haha I LOVE how the first track is sweet and gentle and acoustic, and then BAM! Go growl go go go! aggression with track two! Haha that was a shift without using the clutch!

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