New Releases – 16th March 2018

All hail this week’s new releases. There’s only a few tickling my fancy today… kind of.

Paradise Lost – Host

Normally Paradise Lost equals must-buy but I’m not feeling too enthusiastic about this, a reissue of one of their lesser albums. Originally released in 1999, Host was a controversial progression into melancholic electropop. I like that the band are still behind this, even though they’ve since returned to their extreme metal roots. But, apart from a couple of songs, I was never a fan of this one. Some bonus tracks would sweeten the deal… but there aren’t any. Miserable bastards!

Godthrymm – A Grand Reclamation

This is a debut EP featuring former members of My Dying Bride, Vallenfyre, Solstice and Malediction. Promising stuff, big thick sorrowful riffs, epic vocals… should definitely appeal to fans of the previous bands and fans of Candlemass type stuff. That should be everyone. I’m sure it’ll be available at all the usual places but you can buy direct from the band here.

Saxon – The CD Hoard

This is a reissue of last year’s The Vinyl Hoard box set… but on CD! This has The Eagle Has Landed II and III on it as well as Live At Rock Sound Festival from 2006 (the audio from a show on their DVD To Hell And Back Again). Looks like a nice package, but I’ve got everything on it already. Good value if you don’t though!

And that’s the lot for me. What are you lot buying today? Any fans of melancholic electropop out there?! Reveal all in the comments!

32 thoughts on “New Releases – 16th March 2018”

    1. It is! And umm… not really up on melancholic electropop (got that description from their press release cause I don’t have words for this kind of stuff… other than “a bit shite”) Depeche Mode used to come up a lot as a comparison but I’m not sure how accurate that really is.

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  1. Heavy Melancholic Eloctropop Lord??
    I got 3 seconds into So Much Is Lost and had to make it stop.

    I listened to a Youtube clip of Godthrymm. They sound pretty cool.

    New Saxxon releases. It’s about time. 😉
    It’s frustrating when I try and see new releases in Amazon and I have to go through page after page of reissues. Hint. These are not new music.

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      1. I’ll be honest I haven’t said anything on social media. We both know J and how he feels about Weiland. Deeply, deeply personal to him. So I’ve avoiding praising their new song which I really love.

        Sorry J!

        I get the feeling of “hired gun” from the vocals but I confess I love that track “Meadow”.

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      1. If the Sanborn one works out there is plans for a series.

        Snax-On with Jamie Oliver
        Smax-On with WWE wrestlers
        Crax-On with Charlie Sheen
        Hax-On with Julian Assange
        Tax-On with the IRS

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