New Releases – 6th April 2018

Time for another merciless whittling-down of the day’s new releases and reissues.

Winterfylleth – The Hallowing Of Heirdom

Now on a new label, Spinefarm, the UK black metal faves have decided to go completely acoustic for their latest album. After the slightly-disappointing The Dark Hereafter it’s a welcome change of tack. And if you know the band’s catalogue you’ll know that if any band can pull this off, they can. I’ve only listened to a brief snippet and it sounded great, reminding me of Ulver’s brilliant Kveldssanger. Get the 2CD version if you want maximum tuneage.

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Memories In Rock II

The World’s Greatest Guitarist continues milking his recent return to rock with this third, yes third, live release. There is a (fairly average) new song here at least, and the Jap version also includes the two “new” songs that they released digitally last year. The DVD seems to be just interviews and docs rather than the live set. I kinda want it as a memento for seeing them last year but it seems pretty surplus to requirements at the moment.

And that’s the lot for me today. There is also the hotly-tipped Feast Of Water from Messa but that’s not really up my street. But I mention it for all the doom-botherers out there because I am a benevolent HMOverlord. Give us some chat in the comments about what you’re buying or not buying today.

74 thoughts on “New Releases – 6th April 2018”

  1. I don’t want to say who the band is for fear of being banned for life.
    I also may check out the Johnny Cash tribute, Kalma-Palo, Rainbow, Green Seagull-Scarlet Fever, Salty Dog – Lost Treasure, Myles Goodwin and Friends, Crisix, Red Sun Rising, KiTTie, Blackberry Smoke, Kamelot, Amorettes, Toxik III Works. Etc.
    I may buy a few but none are must haves, other than maybe the Cash tribute.

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      1. KiTTie did a reunion one-off show I attended last fall.
        In the last few days they released a documentary/live album with unreleased live songs from different dates.
        I am thinking of getting it since some of the songs are from the show I was at.

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      1. Like I say. I will check them out. I just wanted to list a few more.

        Amorettes are from your area. Do you know of them? I just flund out about them this morning.
        I listened to one song and got a Runaways/Joan Jett thing. Plus they opened for Black Star Riders and are opening for Dead Daisies this weekend in your town. They may be worth checking out.

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    1. Did anyone buy the other live releases?

      If so, what is sound quality like?
      The vocals?
      Ritchie’s playing?
      The mix?

      That may help determine if I get any.

      I really, really want to see them live. Not sure I want to hear the recordings though

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      1. That price makes more sense. I lasered right in.on the 3cd/dvd version.
        I think was $65 or 70 shipped in.
        Would be worth probably more on.Discogs but I never aeem to sell my stuff, so the investment was too much.
        Maybe the one you got.
        Or I just give your postie a box.of Timbits and zoinks.

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