New Releases – 27th April 2018

Not a huge amount out today, compared to last week’s madness anyway, but there are a couple of important new releases at least!

Voices – Frightened

This is the one I’ve been waiting for. Comprised mostly of ex and current Akercocke members (with links to other great bands like Shrines and The Antichrist Imperium), Voices’ previous album London was a masterpiece and a very tough act to follow. But the two singles released since, Petrograph and Dead Feelings, were top dollar and bode well for a satisfying and different follow-up.

Aura Noir – Aura Noire

Another great band, one of the key black thrash bands, back with a much-anticipated new album. The three guys here have been in a wealth of great bands like Virus, Immortal and Mayhem (as well as a gazillion others) so there’s a lot of talent here. I’m a big fan of 2008’s Hades Rise and it’s been a good six or so years since previous album Out To Die so it’s exciting to have them back.

Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland

Glasgow crowds always goes totally ape-shit for Anthrax so recording a live show here was a good call. I reckon I’m done with these guys now though. I know their last couple of studio albums were well-received but they didn’t do much for me and I’ve got enough live Anthrax stuff to live without this. Usual bunch of formats available… take your pick.

Count Raven – Storm Warning and Destruction Of The Void

Couple of early-90s doom reissues here from Metal Blade. Only available on digital or vinyl so I’ll probably pass. The vinyl editions do look pretty sexy though.

And I think that’s as far as I’ll go, nothing else on my radar today. Let me know what’s on your shopping list today.

34 thoughts on “New Releases – 27th April 2018”

    1. I have seen the Kings Among Scotland cover and I dig it. The weird thing is the video part isn’t getting a blu-ray release. DVD only. It’s 2018 people! Should be on 4K UHD! I wasn’t impressed with the clips they put on you tube. Sounded kind of bootleggy. But that might be just YouTube.

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      1. I think there is a Don Airey University though.

        Sam (the Ak keyboard player) plays guitar here and sings a bit too. Multi talented dudes!

        The dick request was pretty amusing tbh. I was asking to buy a T-shirt that said Anonymous Sex Society on it so it was an appropriate joke.

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      2. A buddy of mine interviewed Tom Araya and asked him if they pass the time on the bus by seeing how many pencils they can put in their pubes.

        Not as cool as your story though.

        I’m very interested in extreme metal these days.

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  1. I haven’t bought any Anthrax since brother bought the two Bush fronted albums and i thought they were good still couldn’t do it to purchase there stuff…
    Dunno man they kinda bug me for some reason…haha

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  2. Akercocke members, harnessing the extreme sartorial (a word added to my vocabulary by you on this site in a previous Akercockeian moment, but which I have sadly found limited opportunities to wield in the real world since).

    I don’t cough up for a lot of vinyl — although more of late — but I may need to buy the Anthrax LP out of sheer giddiness. That cover is sooo right!


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