New Releases – 4th May 2018

Happy Star Trek Day! I’m a doctor not an escalator! …Let’s see what new releases are out on this glorious day.

Ihsahn – Ámr

New releases from the prog/black metal wizard are always big news. But I’ve grown a bit wary. I really enjoyed 2010’s After and subsequent releases have been good but I’ve rarely went back to any of them afterwards. Don’t feel a pull there. Reviews for this have been good but… they always are. I might revisit the previous albums again first and see if they put me in the mood. Otherwise, might just pass.

Dimmu Borgir – Eonian

Another big name in black metal but I never got massively into this band. I’ve heard enough to want to hear more but I doubt I’d start here so I’ll likely pass on this one. Title is apparently all about the illusion of time and rifts (hehe) in time. I preferred it when black metal bands just spent all their time telling Jesus to fuck off.

Various Artists – We All Want Our Time In Hell

I don’t find tribute albums all that compelling and there aren’t many bands on this that I know about (Midnight and Joel Grind stick out though). But it is a tribute to Glenn Danzig’s less-celebrated “other” band Samhain which is cool. Cover is also cool. I might have plumped for a digital copy on Bandcamp but Fonzig has apparently forbade that option. Not so cool. Looks like it’s vinyl or nothing… I vote for nothing.

Dead Cross – Dead Cross EP

Dave Lombardo, Mike Patton and some other people drop this surprise EP. Dunno… found the debut album pretty underwhelming so can’t see me bothering with this. I mention it because I know you love them though. You totally love them don’t you? Not you… you.

That’s about the lot for me. Until next time, live long and prosper!

24 thoughts on “New Releases – 4th May 2018”

  1. I immediately want We All Want Our Time In Hell just for the cover and to avoid paying £103190 for it in a few years. I won’t buy it, though. Cause that would be madness.

    That Ihsahn cover is pretty much Game of Thrones if it was set in Beverly Hills.

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  2. DEAD CROSS! Hell yes. I wants it and I will have it. It’s digital only right now though. Physical release isn’t til June 29 here.

    Also “I preferred it when black metal bands just spent all their time telling Jesus to fuck off.” = Me too.

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  3. Music schmusic, if that Dimmu Borgir is embossed (raised not stamped!) so that you can run your finger over it and feel the artwork, then it deserves to be bought solely for that. If it is just a flat cover (unembossed? cis-embossed?), then I’m going to say DB dropped the ball and go ahead and join your Make Black Metal Hate Again protest movement.

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