New Releases – 15th June 2018

Let’s keep this short and satanic. Apart from a few interesting(ish) reissues there’s only one new release that truly matters today.

Blasphamagoatachrist – Black Metal Warfare

Bestial black metal demo from members of Blasphemy, Goatpenis and Antichrist. Absolute metal bombs going off left, right and centre on this one. I love Blasphemy and this stuff is hitting that spot… which makes it essential. Hilarious band name a plus. The fact that it’s only available on tape or streaming a negative. But hopefully there will be more to come. And it’s CanCon so you have to listen to it. It’s the law!

And that really is it for this week. There’s also a reissue of Sepultura’s Arise that I quite fancy but I couldn’t be arsed writing about it and didn’t want to detract from the importance of Blasphamagoatachrist. See you next week!

30 thoughts on “New Releases – 15th June 2018”

  1. Blashamagoatachrist, eh? I was looking at that cover and thinking “aw… look… a nice wee red-eyed goat”. I don’t feel that way listening to the music.

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  2. The last time I walked into a barn I smelled a blasphamagoat and I thought Ah Christ.

    I weny ovet to NWN records. If you order $50, they send thr demo.cassette of this for free. I ordered the Mercy 3lp.

    I had to. It’s the law.

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  3. Blasphamagoatachrist? Gesundheit!

    I listened to that first track and it was goofy. Buncha sirens and pounding drums, with vocals Les Claypool or Mike Patton would enjoy. Then track 2 came on. NOW WE’RE COOKING!

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