Buying Round-Up: Apr/May/Jun 2018

I’m long overdue doing one of these so I’m going to rattle through the key purchases from the last couple of months… and a bit.

Let’s start with the most recent new arrivals. The just-released expanded edition of Sepultura’s Arise follows similar reissues of Chaos A.D. and Roots from last year and like those it’s stuffed with extras! Rough mixes, demos and live tracks galore. Love/Hate’s Wasted In America gets the Rock Candy treatment. It’s an album I’ve wanted for ages but my first listen is a bit disappointing. Prefer the sleaze bludgeon of their debut Blackout In The Red Room. Ah well, might be a grower. I’ve only listened to the first half of Rotting Christ’s 2LP early days comp Abyssic Black Metal but it hit the spot. I’m really into these guys lately.

On the new album front, we’ve got Voices superb and sexy Frightened, Sleep’s The Sciences on CD at last(!) and the deluxe version of Ihsahn’s killer new album Ámr (worth getting for the great bonus track). All three are album of the year contenders. And I also bought Ghost’s Prequelle which… isn’t. Still pretty decent though.

I got a couple of live CD/DVD combos. Dokken’s reunion gigs captured for posterity on the flawed but entertaining Return To The East Live and Behemoth’s Messe Noire which has two gigs on DVD, promo vids and The Satanist album live on CD. It’s not flawed in the slightest, great stuff.

Def Leppard’s CD Collection: Volume 1 next. Very cool set, much along the design lines of the recent Bowie sets but with less text in the book and less rare material. But then it was also about half the price! Bought mainly for the remastered On Through The Night and the CD debut of some early singles and because… Def Leppard.

Also on the box set front there’s Marduk’s Dark Endless 25th Anniversary Edition. Nice reissue of the strong debut album with a neat digipak of the Here’s No Peace EP with demo artwork from deceased Mayhem vocalist Dead. Also has some stickers which doesn’t really seem very black metal to me. Shouldn’t it just have a dead rat in it or something like that?

On the reissue front I bought the “Final Kill” edition of Megadeth’s classic debut Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good! which sounds genuinely amazing! Sadly the CD design is clearly just an impossible-to-read transfer of the vinyl design because CD buyers and their pesky money don’t matter anymore. I’m well chuffed with the deluxe editions of hard rock pioneers Montrose’s S/T debut and Paper Money: great remasters, interesting (and readable!) liner notes and tons of bonus tracks.

I’m a big fan of The Who and got a few great additions to my collection recently. Live At Fillmore East 1968 is a brilliant concert recording: fiery performance, some lesser-heard tracks and an epic My Generation to close it out. Pete Townshend’s Who Came First gets some added rarities and is very nicely packaged for the price. And last, but not least, I bought a vinyl reissue of the comp Meaty, Beaty, Big And Bouncy. An odd one cause there’s nothing on there I don’t have already but it’s a bit of Who history with one of those perfect tracklistings… I had to get it eventually and it’s just fantastic! Classic after classic, it sounds phenomenal and I can’t stop listening to it. Highly recommended!

And I reckon that’s about the lot! I’ll try and do this more regularly so I can get into more detail and put up more photos in future.

23 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up: Apr/May/Jun 2018”

  1. Don’t be mad, but when I first came upon that Sepultura Arise album, I read it as “arse”. I had to take a second look! lol (me and my silly dyslexia…)

    That Def Leppard set look mighty tasty!

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  2. Lot’s of cool purchases Scott!
    Looks like Christmas Morning..hahaha
    That pic of those two dudes at the top was that taken in your basement?
    Nice kinda diss on Ghost haha…can’t be everyones fav-o….
    Your absolutely correct on the remastered job on the lep albums…
    Man the first two sound real good and even the EP. Is that Savage’s Bass on the EP I hear??
    That debut Montrose is excellent and you see how Warner Brothers modelled Halen after them..(same producer/record label/4 piece band named after the guitar player etc)
    The difference is one band made millions while the other one did not…
    The Who I may have to check out….

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    1. No Dynasty or Diver Down though haha!
      The Lep remasters are a great job. Was listening to HND the other day… sounds killer.
      Love Montrose. Paper Money is a bit ropey but still some great stuff on it, especially especially the second side.

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      1. Ha..the Dynasty album was a real score as the poster was included for an used which is real cool. It’s actually in mint shape as It may have not been played but the copy of Diver Down has seen few parties ..haha
        They did a fantastic job on the Lep remasters…
        Sound excellent! Thanks to someone I know!

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  3. Picked up the new Sleep on vinyl at their show here last week; excellent stuff. Had no idea about new Montrose remasters with tons o’ bonus. I don’t usually got for new packages, and in this case I have both on LP and CD already, but I will look into these. Does either happen to come with that live radio broadcast show (maybe) by this line-up that’s been around on bootlegs for a while? I’m gonna say “Record Plant”? I’ve always loved the sound of Ronnie’s guitar on that.

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  4. Wow! Dude, these are all great! Did I tell you I ordered Frightened? And London? Man you got me onto London so I figured I’d just buy the damn thing. You say Frightened is sexy, so I’m in!

    You also remind me I want the new Sleep. Gonna wait a while for more monies but soon!

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  5. Some nice goods here, fella. Well, when I say nice, I obviously mean sinister to evil. Aside from Sleep, cause that’s the wee stoned Demon that asks where the weed is while chomping some Nik Naks.

    I’m right into that Who compilation just now. Track after track of excellence. And I’m not even Who daft.

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