New Releases – 22nd June 2018 **UPDATE**

Oops. Didn’t realist Marduk’s new album Viktoria was out today! I thought it was next week. Getting good vibes about this one and their new song Werwolf is intense. Could be one of the black metal albums of the year. Tons of variously hued vinyl editions out there and there’s also a limited box set with bits and bobs. Don’t think there are any bonus tracks to speak of though so take your pick. So much stuff getting released next week that I might hold off on this one just now but I’ll definitely be picking it up at some point. I’m kidding myself, I bet I buy this on my lunch break. Bet I do!

26 thoughts on “New Releases – 22nd June 2018 **UPDATE**”

      1. I didn’t!! I stayed clear. In fairness, I was just being impatient.

        I pre-ordered from Amazon, but they haven’t dispatched it yet. Sake. I got a good price during the early stages and was only considering picking it up if it was about £24 / £25… £30 is a bit cheeky.

        I even went into that other place (we shall not name) earlier to see if they had the green vinyl. Nothing at all (which I’m glad about, cause I don’t want to support them).

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  1. There’s something punk to that metal crashing awesomeness. And sirens! Haha fun. I can dig this but I kept wanting to correct their spelling to ‘werewolf.’ Until I remembered (with help from the interwubs) that werwolf was a late-wwii nazi plan.

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      1. Nope. Unless it was supposed to be Slaid…

        Werwolf and werewolf are two different things. I’d have to go back and read the lyrics in that video, but I think they’re talking about the former.

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