New Releases – 29th June 2018

Tons of new stuff out today… mostly reissued stuff. I’ll try and be nitpicky but this is going to be a long one I reckon.

The Antichrist Imperium – Volume II: Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan

This is an essential new release from one of the many Akercocke-related bands on the go at the moment. You know I’m nuts for this stuff. Ex-Akercocker Matt Wilcock is joined by current Akercockerers David Gray and Sam Loynes and Sam “I’ve never been in Akercocke” Bean. I loved their 2015 debut and album number two sounds like their upping their game. Ripping, blasting satanic death metal but this time round its blacker, more avant-garde, more eclectic. Pure devilry.

Bruce Dickinson – Scream For Me Sarajevo

It’s not every week you get some Bruce solo action! This is a documentary about the great man’s Balls To Picasso-era solo tour of war-torn Sarajevo. I’m not sure how much live music footage is contained in the movie but it looks fascinating and there is also a soundtrack disc which is pretty cheap. Mainly just a solo best-of, but it does have a Japanese bonus track from the Tyranny Of Souls era that I don’t have. So it will get bought just for that.

Paradise Lost – Believe In Nothing (Remixed/Remastered)

Gloomy northern nihilists Paradise Lost reissue another album from their electro-pop years. This was widely regarded as their worst album by most people, band included. But it’s been remixed, remastered and re-covered and now it’s a lost classic! Yippee. I can’t comment cause this is the only Paradise Lost studio album I’ve never heard. Will probably buy it for that reason alone but I wasn’t a big fan of the preceding album Host and this is in that vein too.

Coroner – Mental Vortex and Grin

Here are two more Coroner reissues to follow the recent Sony reissues of the first three albums. This time it’s Noise doing these though so they’ll probably be done a bit differently. Not sure why different labels are handling these… I got all this stuff already so I reckon I’ll just sit this out. Great albums though. All five will probably get reissued again before you know it. It’s a funny old business.

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction

The classic debut gets a long overdue expanded, remastered reissue. There are many variants, but if you want the maximum audio/video content you’re looking at over £100 to get the super deluxe. The 2CD will do me, might buy some more bonus tracks as downloads. I should be excited about this but instead I just feel like I’m missing out on something.

David Bowie – Welcome To The Blackout (Live London ’78)

CD edition of the live album that was released earlier in the year on vinyl (as part of 2018’s RSD slate). They did that with the previous RSD live release Cracked Actor too so I saw this one coming and avoided the over-priced RSD version. Kinda bugs me that I’ll have one on vinyl and one on CD though…

Various Artists – Winds Of Time: The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal 1979-1985

New comp of NWOBHM goodies. I’ve been hoping for a big exhaustive box set that would do this era justice and really tell its story. Not sure this is it… but there are a lot of tracks here and it looks like fun. I’ve slept on a few NWOBHM comps over the years and usually regretted it when they’ve went out of print so I really should buy this one. Probably not a priority though.

And that’s about it for me. Like I said, loads being released today so let me know what you’re after.

28 thoughts on “New Releases – 29th June 2018”

  1. The Antichrist Imperium has some striking artwork again. Is that Gray’s, the drummer’s work?

    I’d like to support Coroner but expendable budget is tight.

    I got a customer list email from Kevin Hufnagel announcing a new solo album called “Messages to the Past.” I’ve heard 3 tracks and I dig them. Interesting moody work, imo. I might get the vinyl because the art looks appealing but I don’t have turntable now so the digital option may be my ticket. I just need a few more listens to decide one way or another.

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  2. Guns is massive….look forward to hearing it all now as outside the original album and Lies I don’t have any of that Sound City Stuff…
    Dickinson I will have to get at some point as well…That documentary looks excellent….

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      1. In regards to iTunes …watch Mikey lose his shit again …
        I can’t be the only one around here with a character flaw right? hahaha
        Bruce would never go that route with a doc about himself…he’s too smart and proud to do one of those type deals not that he needs too

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  3. I bought the Super Deluxe and vinyl versions of Guns. As usual, Amazon is late.

    Since Bruce for some reason does not have a cd/dvd version I will probably have to buy both.

    Now I also NEED that NWOBHM comp. I don’t know many of those bands, and this will lead to much more money shelled out.

    Also the Bowie is tempting.
    I feel like such a sheep.

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    1. More power to you Bop! And more funds to GnR. Haha I thought you were opposed to those kinda sets.

      I’ve just bought the Bruce CD just now… movie looks interesting but it can wait.

      There’s a lot on that NWOBHM set I don’t know too so it’s definitely a temptation.

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      1. I am totally opposed to those sets, but I buy them anyway. The ones that itk me the most are the ones that force collectors to pay huge money for a few exclusive songs.
        The thing is I spent around $200.
        I got 100% of the music in the $1000 one. They get more vinyl but no exclusive music (to the best of my knowledge). So 800 more for usless trinkets and more vinyl. No way.

        The Bruce movie throws me back. I knew Serbians, Croats and Slovenians back in the day. I was kind of immersed in the war without being there. I really want to see that movie.

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      2. I think you’re right, I think all the music is in the super deluxe. I still find that leap from the £13 2CD to the £140 4CD/1DVD a bit irksome personally! But if I could afford it I’d maybe have bought it too. I was definitely tempted.

        Interesting context about the Bruce movie. I know very little about it myself. Let me know what its like if you see it. I daresay ill buy it soon. The CD has a big essay from the bassist too.


  4. Whole bunch of sinister looking stuff this week, sir. That Antichrist Emporium sports outstanding artwork… I’m gonna check out the album on the strength of that.

    The GNR super expanded deluxe deluxe super duper deluxe think is way out of my interest zone. Well, the interested in paying £140 zone. I’ll maybe look at the CD… especially when it’s down in price (y’know, £7 in Fopp) in a few months. I’ll check it out on Apple Music, though… the bonus stuff. The vinyl version is daft, too… I have the original and, well, I don’t care if it’s remastered, I like my old scratched copy, thank you very much.

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    1. Totally hear you. The 2cd is only £13…that’s not so bad. But it’ll totally get cheaper. If the box set ever came down in price I’d consider it. But it would have to reeaallly come down.

      Listen to The Antichrist Emperial instead anyway. Album of the year, don’t you know old chap!

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      1. I don’t even know what’s on the 2CD version, actually. The main things I want are the Sound City recordings. The box set price is daft for what’s in it… that’s a £60 set… £70 max, as far as I’m concerned.

        Antichrist Imperium for album of the year, eh? Sleep is currently at the top of my list.

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      2. Mainly the Lies stuff and a wee selection from everything else.

        It’s early days yet but I’m sensing AOTY material there. Sleep is definitely up there too. AI is more my kinda thing though so it’s got an advantage.

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      3. I can understand that. I used to always go for a Americana / Country flavoured album as the favourite of the year, but I’ve been veering towards heavier albums the last few years… I guess cause some of my favourite rock bands have returned and I’ve also been hooked on some bigger sounds.

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