New Releases – 27th July 2018

Welcome back! Last week was a total shiter for new releases so I gave myself a wee blogging holiday. But now I’m back and better than ever. Here’s today’s new musical things.

Not entirely sure what is going on here

Dee Snider – For The Love Of Metal

The Twisted Sister frontman gets very metal with heavy friends from bands like Hatebreed, Arch Enemy and Lamb Of God. Kinda good to see him go in this direction after doing Broadway songs and stuff like that. But it all seems a bit try-hard to me, he’s not writing the songs and I don’t like most of the musicians that are involved. Barking up the wrong tree, basically! I’ve only read good things about this but I’ve not been very excited by the songs I’ve heard. I’ll likely pass.

Thou – Rhea Sylvia EP

This is the last of a series of three EPs leading up to a new album Magus later in the year. This experimental sludge/doom/noise band has got such a dauntingly huge back catalogue that I’ve never even got started. Heard a couple of tracks from this though and they were both great. So… might as well start here!

Autopsy – Critical Madness: The Demo Years

This demo collection came out a while back on vinyl but I passed cause I have most of this stuff already. But I don’t have it all so it lingered in my mind ever since. I keep gazing longingly at it in the shops. But now it’s out on CD and it’s only £8 so I’ll definitely pick it up now! Not really the sort of thing you want to get caught gazing at in public anyway.

Q5 – Steel The Light

Great and overlooked 80s album featuring the famous Floyd Rose that invented the famous annoying guitar bridge! I bought a second-hand copy of this a good while back after reading about it in Kerrang’s “666 Albums To Hear Before You Die” mag. But now it’s out as a double disc with extra stuff so I could well be tempted to buy it again if the price is right.

And that’s about it for today. As usual, this is just the stuff that’s on my radar so let me know what you’re hoping to pick up today in the comments.

34 thoughts on “New Releases – 27th July 2018”

  1. Love Is For Suckers hahaha..
    Kinda your short review of the Snider solo album makes it sound that way with hired guns etc…
    Said at Johns’s site I’ll wait for the review of it to decide….read your review of it and well probably won’t t now..hahaha

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      1. I sampled em on iTunes…the drumming is so over the top its ridiculous! Kinda like that silly double bass drumming that Scott Travis does at times…

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      2. Funny u bring that up…I always had a hard time getting into singers solo stuff when they quit their bands. The lone exception being the fella that has the last name Dickinson!
        Halford was going from Priest to Nu Metal to Nine Inch Synth stuff…
        Heard the first fight album as my brother bought it…I tried to dig I really did…haha

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      3. Bruce is the man when it comes to solo careers some right! Some Fight/Halford stuff was ok, but none of its my favourite stuff. Lot of folk really dig Resurrection but I thought it was pretty average.


      1. Ultra-Violence’s ‘Operation Misdirection’ is one of the best metal releases this summer. It’s a monster surprise from out of nowhere. It’s out today on Candlelight/Spinefarm.

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      2. Spinefarm = excuses, failed delivery dates and winning concert tickets reneged. Started buying from them in 2016. Stopped in 2016.
        No empathy. No customer service. Autobots.

        Shame. I will pretend I never read that so I may buy from the bands through Candlelight. No sense blaming them.

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  2. Listening to Q5 now (thumbs up!) Was drawn by that wonderful cover photo to try Thou on YouTube but it shocked my delicate sensibilities… I agree on the idea that I’d be more interested if those fan/guest artists had tried to nod more toward Dee Snider’s Twisted past; we’ve got those artists if we want to hear more current stylings. I was hoping for something more ‘new old’ along the lines of the Probot project. (Ha! Dave Grohl on yo’ page!!!!)

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    1. Hey! Keep that up and you’ll get sent to the HMO Sin Bin (not as fun as it sounds)!

      Glad you like Q5! It’s a curio.

      Yeah, I guess Dee wants to feel relevant? But I read an interview where he was talking about breakdowns… urgh… just… no.


  3. I’m not entirely sure what’s happening with Dee’s cover either, I’m sure it’s a metaphor for something!
    And I’m curious as to what the “666 albums you must hear” were according to Kerrang – perhaps the list I’m going through has an extra 335 that are more optional!

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