Buying Round-Up: Jun/Jul 2018

I’d normally do a New Release post today but there’s nothing out this week that I can be bothered buying or writing about! So instead, I thought I’d have a quick catch up on some new additions. Been a quiet few weeks so I’ve not been buying a whole lot. Still some good stuff here though, and a couple of AOTY contenders too!

Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods

Blashyrkh’s finest impress mightily with their first Abbath-less album: raging, epic and cold black metal of the most classic variety. At first I thought it was a bit meh but it’s really growing on me with each listen. Reckon this will be a keeper. All black covers are a bummer to photograph though so apologies for the shite photies!

Solstice – White Horse Hill

This is a very nicely done digipak. Looks great! It’s the US version so it’s got a bonus track on it too. This is a immensely stirring epic doom album with brilliant vocals and tons of Bathory/Manowar-style Viking manfeels. Love this kind of stuff.

Rotting Christ – Under Our Black Cult

A superb box set from Peaceville, who are getting jolly good at these things (hoping for a My Dying Bride one next). Five whole discs of albums, demos, live stuff and more! And it also has a signed certificate from RC main-man Sakis Tolis and an excellent photo-packed book.

Autopsy – Critical Madness: The Demo Years

And here’s another excellent Peaceville release. Autopsy’s seminal demos get reissued. Have a lot of this stuff already but this is a brilliant compilation of fat, filthy death metal done right. Love the cover, liner notes and obi-strip… and it was only £8!

Batushka – Litourgiya

A godly black metal album from 2015. This is a new digipak edition. Blabbed a bit about it and posted a track here.

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction

Went easy on my wallet and plumped for the 2CD version and bought some other tracks as downloads. Nice to have, remaster sounds great and it’s got good packaging for the price but I’ve not really been getting much out of this reissue. One of those albums I’m kinda done with (Rocket Queen aside… I always get a kick out of that). Thought this might rekindle my interest but it hasn’t yet.

Yes – Yessongs

An unexpected charity shop find. Got this album already but my current vinyl copy is beyond tatty! This is a later repress but it’s in great nick and has the booklet, which my other copy was missing too. Still going to keep the older copy cause it sounds great but this is a lovely copy of an all-time classic live album.

Bought the new Antichrist Imperium vinyl but it’s not turned up yet, and I bought the new Imperial Triumphant album and the three Thou EPs as downloads on Bandcamp. And that’s about the lot! Some really superb music here and plenty to keep me busy during this fallow patch of new releases. I’ll hopefully get back to those next Friday though… if there are any!

24 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up: Jun/Jul 2018”

  1. Intersting spin of Guns Sir!
    Too be honest I have only listened to the unreleased stuff as I still say that Sound City material is Wicked…
    But to listen to the actually Clink produced Appetite again I’m really not their yet…hahaha

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  2. I’ll tack my list on here too-

    Alice Cooper- Raise the Dead: Live from Wacken
    Slade- Alive!: The Anthology (went kinda easy on the wallet as my birthday was coming up)

    And the birthday haul (CD)-
    AC/DC- Live
    David Garrett- Rock Revolution
    Iron Maiden- Fear of the Dark
    Led Zeppelin- TSRTS (2007 remaster, dammit Pagey)
    Rock Aid Armenia- Smoke on the Water
    Revenge of the Sith OST
    Eric Clapton- Live at Montreux 1986 DVD
    Electric Light Orchestra- Live at Wembley Blu-Ray (My favourite by far)

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      1. Going to be a long time before I double dip on the Zeppelin

        I concur on the Slade also. Great stuff. I’d say the same about the ELO, but you’re not the PoppySoftRockOverlord, are you?

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  3. What’s included on the 2CD Appetite for Destruction? I’ve been considering picking up something for the unreleased stuff, but don’t know whether to just hit iTunes and pick some stuff rather than pick up any sort of physical release.

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    1. Disc 2…
      Reckless Life

      Nice Boys

      Move to the City

      Mama Kin

      Shadow of Your Love

      Welcome to the Jungle (1986 Sound City Session)

      Nightrain (1986 Sound City Session)

      Out Ta Get Me (1986 Sound City Session)

      Paradise City (1986 Sound City Session)

      My Michelle (1986 Sound City Session)

      Shadow of Your Love

      It’s So Easy

      Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

      Whole Lotta Rosie

      You’re Crazy


      Used to Love Her

      Move to the City


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