New Releases – 17th August 2018

Don’t know about you, but I would like to hear some death metal today. Fingers crossed.

Cemetery Urn – Barbaric Retribution

Ermagherd. Derth Mertle. The cover caught my eye and it only took about 45 seconds of Down The Path Of The Dead to make me want to buy this. One for fans of Dead Congregation.

Innumerable Forms – Punishment In Flesh

Death metal! Quite doom-laden stuff, quick preview reminded me of early Paradise Lost. Another ace cover. Another must-hear.

And, not a new release yet, but I can’t not mention the new Steve Perry track taken from his upcoming album Traces (out Oct 5). Totally not metal but this song and the return of Perry has really cracked a big smile on the HMOverlord’s misanthropic granite visage. Great to hear that voice again, reminds me of the For The Love Of Strange Medicine stuff, which has got me a bit excited.

And that’s about the lot for this week. See you next week for another mix of raw death metal and smooth AOR. Just the way you like it.

27 thoughts on “New Releases – 17th August 2018”

  1. Awesome Perry gets top billing at HMO HQ’S this week! As he should!
    It’s so good to have Steve back in action..the real deal…the real voice and man I will preorder this bad boy when it appears on iTunes!
    Great to have him back and I agree that 94 solo album was quite good!

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  2. Actually just looked iTunes has it with the single drooping with the preorder…
    I forgot to mention Aldo Nova is releasing a new album and single as well next week. I’m curious about that one as I hope really hope that Nova finds the volume knob on his Marshall for this album. If thats the case than I will be psyched for that one as well!

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  3. I love how you have a picture of Perry and underneath it says time to listen to Death Metal…because they do go together! The new song is okay, I wasn’t blown away. I am nervous that it could be a disappointment as maybe in my head I have built him up so much. Who knows, will wait and see.

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      1. I had it all on CD, but stupidly gave everything away eons ago. In the process of getting stuff back (mostly vinyl though). I know all his solo and of course the Journey and there is no one better (okay, not many people).

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