New Releases – 24th August 2018

Time for some more new releases chat.

Alice In Chains – Rainier Fog

Third album for the post-Staley lineup of AIC. I did enjoy the first outing Black Gives Way To Blue but it didn’t get me hankering for more exactly. Quite liked the new song Never Fade but not that fussed about some of the other stuff I’ve heard. Still haven’t bought their last album so I can’t see myself rushing out to get this.

Mantar – The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze

I never bothered with this German punk sludge duo because… punk sludge! But I gave their new song Taurus an arms-folded “impress me” kinda listen and I actually got quite into it. Top quality punk sludge. I love that stuff. I’m gonna just call it pudge though cause I’m super efficient.

Solitary – Nothing Changes (20th Anniversary Edition)

The UK thrashers (recently featured on the Contract In Blood box set) caught my attention with 2017’s rather good The Diseased Heart Of Society and keep the momentum going by reissuing their 1998 debut album with extra demos. Definitely want to hear more of this band’s stuff and, if you like thrash, you should too.

Skull – No Bones About It

Double helping of boaby here! Skull’s 1991 debut album, their only album, gets an absolutely bonus-laden 2CD reissue. Features Boaby Kulick (ex-just about everybody) and Boaby Rock (ex-Vinnie Vincent Invasion). Don’t know about these guys at all but you can’t beat a bit of boaby.

And that’s about the lot, a week dominated by pudge and boaby. Let me know what you’re tempted by today and let me know if you’ve heard of Skull! Were they as good as Blackthorne, that’s what I want to know.

28 thoughts on “New Releases – 24th August 2018”

  1. Not to sure about AIC’s anymore..I’m at that point in my life where I don’t want to wallow away in sludgey post apocalyptic grunge at the present time… hahaha..
    Having said that the first couple of albums I like but just can’t wrap my noggin around that sound right now…

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      1. Yeah I mean good on em for carrying on I suppose…
        Guess my claim to fame with AIC is when they opened for VH back in 91…that was my first dose of Grunge…..the exact opposite of VH boogie party rock!

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  2. I haven’t really been all that taken by the post-Layne Alice in Chains, so I’m not all that excited about the new album. That said, I’ll likely stream it. Just so I can complain about it not being a patch on the old stuff. Ha!

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      1. Probably the single greatest description of Staley’s contribution there. Vital wrongness. I’ll need to use that. He was such an integral part of the fabric. At least they’re not trying to replicate that vibe.


  3. I have the AIC CD “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” and it’s a gem for me! The band shows off more on the Classic Rock side, still interlocking their famous Grunge sound. It is an album I recommend to you highly!

    I was gonna buy the new AIC today, yet my corner Indie record store priced it at $16… gonna see if Super Walmart has it at around $11 on another day. Every dollar counts on a budget!

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  4. I’m such a massive German punk sludge fan – can’t get enough of that stuff. I’m so into it that I was actually one of the founding members of Mantar; I played the sludgeophone, but in a really punky way.

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