Wolfsbane – Live Fast, Die Fast (Review)

Wolfsbane – Live Fast, Die Fast (1989)

Last week’s “wee break for some Wolfsbane” has turned into this week’s “listening almost exclusively to Wolfsbane and not much else”. In fact, the last three albums I’ve listened to have been this one, Live Fast, Die Fast. There’s quite a lot wrong with these wicked tales of booze, birds and bad language. The slightly over-smoochy pop metal track I Like It Hot, the bizarre ballad Tears From A Fool, the frankly fuck-witted production job from Rick Rubin and the worst drum sound of all time on Killing Machine. But the happy story is that this album is 100% magnificent despite all those things. Even the over-smoochy and bizarre songs! Even the one with the shit drums! It’s brilliant. Bastards. Glory booouuunnnddd…

HMO Rating: 5 Out Of 5

[Wolfsbane – Greasy]

It’s going to be a bumpy night
I bought it on CD too…


39 thoughts on “Wolfsbane – Live Fast, Die Fast (Review)”

      1. I actually enjoy some of Rubin’s stuff.

        Sabbbath 13, Petty Wildflowers, Cash, Slayer, SOAD.

        He does look like a lazy fucking sloth in those Sabbath 13 videos though. Then there is Corey Taylor’s take on him.

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      2. It’s worth checking out Blaze’s ‘Alive in Poland’ or ‘As Live as it Gets’ for a sorta Greatest Hits experience, with some vastly superior versions of some Maiden songs too.

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  1. Yas! Believe it or not I was close to buying a copy of this a couple of years back. £4, but I noticed the LP was hoofed. Or likely hoofed (more than one big dirty scratch across a couple of tracks on side 2, if I remember correctly (might have been side 1)).

    Anyhoo, I approve of a week of Wolfsbane!

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      1. Haha. I’ve only ever saw it once… it was at a record fair (at the QMU maybe? Or Rutherglen Exchange?), but I was quite disappointed, cause I was all “yas!!”.

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      2. Thanks, man!

        I have All Hell’s Breaking Loose, self-titled, Down Fall the Good Guys and Massive Noise Injection. Mix of CD and digital… missing a few, though.

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