New Releases – 31st August 2018

There’s only a couple of new release that I’m interested in today.

Thou – Magus

Thou released three EPs this year in the lead up to this new album. I like all three but haven’t had time to take them all in as much as I’d like so I don’t feel as ready for this new album as I’d like to be. But no big deal, one listen to new song The Changeling Prince was enough to get me thoroughly excited for Magus. And Thou’s digital back catalogue is “name your price” over at Bandcamp too so I’m going to get stuck into that as well.

Alice Cooper – A Paranormal Evening At The Olympia Paris

Only mild interest in this one. Not been a big fan of Coop’s stuff since Brutal Planet and this is mostly all songs that have been done and heard a million times already. That said… Coop is always great live and those songs are still those songs so I might just end up treating myself to this anyway.

Righto. I think that’ll do me for this week. See you next time for more new release bollocks.

27 thoughts on “New Releases – 31st August 2018”

      1. Yes I listened to a few tracks. The production is not polished as it sounds live especially the lead and backing vocals..
        Treat yourself on your Bday with some Coop!

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      2. I like this Coop album as its the same band that I seen 48 hrs ago…Different tracks but still…
        The only other live Coop album I have is his 86 comeback Detroit show.
        Guess I was due!

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    1. Ages ago! I kinda just ignored it cause I wasn’t sure what it was about but I get a few clicks from the list now so I thought I should reciprocate with a badge/link back to them. Just a bit of fun I suppose… I’m in the lower reaches haha but that’s not bad going for a one man/barely posts more than once a week deal!


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